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Many New Zealanders choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet for health, humane, environmental and ethical reasons.

Vegetarians New Zealand supports vegetarians and vegans in their lifestyle and to help them meet like-minded people.


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  • Food for Life

    • Auckland
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Food for Life is a Hare Krishna run vegetarian restaurant offering purely vegan and vegetarian food.

  • Caraffini Cafe

    • Wellington
    • Vegetarian Options

    Caraffini serve superb home-made New Zealand and Thai-style cafe fare. (more…)

  • Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

    • Wellington
    • Vegetarian Options

    An ecclectic mix of boutique, gourmet and local foods, including pies, salads, chocolates and baked treats. ...

  • Untouched World Kitchen

    • Christchurch
    • Vegetarian Options

    One of New Zealand's leading sustainable cafes, Untouched World Kitchen offers delicious, innovative and fresh cuisine ...

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  • The Nut Store

    • Wellington
    • Vegetarian Options

    A specialty nut store that also sells spices and dried fruits. All products are vegetarian and high quality.

  • The Organic Green Grocer

    • Nelson
    • Vegetarian Options

    Carries organic produce and products, with a bulk foods area to save money on key ingredients.

  • Make It Raw

    • North Canterbury
    • 100% Vegetarian

     Organic, gluten free, cane sugar free raw foods made in Christchurch. Their range include raw crackers ...

  • ROAR Food

    • 100% Vegetarian

    Organic, raw, vegan and gluten free, the ROAR range of healthy foods includes ancient superfoods, activated ...

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Product Ranges

  • Anoint Skin Products

    Anoint are producers of completely plant based, 100% vegan tattoo aftercare products. Made with organic Lavender ...

  • Makutchen Probiotics NZ

    Family business providing traditionally probiotic fermented vegetables in New Zealand. Perfect for those on a plant-based diet, ...

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