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Many New Zealanders choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet for health, humane, environmental and ethical reasons.

Vegetarians New Zealand supports vegetarians and vegans in their lifestyle and to help them meet like-minded people.


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  • Bikaner Wellington

    • Wellington
    • 100% Vegetarian

    100% vegetarian Indian restaurant located in Petone, Wellington. Specialising in ethnic sweets, snacks, chaat, Indo-Chinese, South and North Indian cuisine.

  • Vegan For Longevity & Health

    • Auckland
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Vegan takeaways restaurant serving Asian style lunch and appetizers including spring rolls, mini wraps, curry puffs ...

  • Raviz Indian Cuisine – Kingsland

    • Auckland
    • Vegetarian Options

    Raviz is one of the largest Indian restaurants in Auckland. (more…)

  • Gorilla Kitchen

    • Auckland
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Plant based eatery and "brewtique" in Uptown, Auckland serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

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  • Harvest Wholefoods

    • Auckland
    • Vegetarian Options

    Natural and health food market store that offers vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free products, including vegan takeaway food.

  • The Organic Green Grocer

    • Nelson
    • Vegetarian Options

    Carries organic produce and products, with a bulk foods area to save money on key ingredients.

  • The Nut Store

    • Wellington
    • Vegetarian Options

    A specialty nut store that also sells spices and dried fruits. All products are vegetarian and ...

  • Lush – Nationwide

    • Nationwide
    • Vegetarian Options

    Lush offers a range of vegan options, in addition to all products being ethically made. (more…)

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Product Ranges

  • Eternal Delight

    A vegan/raw food producer that sells both food items and essential ingredients. For vegans and vegetarians, ...

  • Ahhh Cosmetics

    Sellers of a variety of colourful shampoo bars, conditioner bars, moisturizer bars, bath bombs and bars ...

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  • Invercargill Vegan Society

    The Invercargill Vegan Society promotes Veganism in Invercargill. It features monthly potlucks, weekly Vegan cooking classes ...

  • Vegan Society UK

    Information about veganism from the UK Vegan Society that is useful to New Zealanders. Includes nutritional ...

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  • Vegetarian rice dish

    Vegetarian Recipes

    Are you wondering what to prepare for your next vegetarian dish? Try one of these vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a healthy snacks.

  • Vegan burgers

    Vegan Recipes

    Peruse this collection of tasty international vegan recipes and be inspired to prepare some exquisite and delightful vegan meals.

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  • Loretta

    Commented On East St Eats and Bar

    We went here for my friends birthday because of the great reviews, but the whole experience ...