5 Best Vegan Baking Recipes

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December 7, 2015
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baked cinnamon donutsThere are a myriad of simple, delicious baking recipes out there to create vegan-friendly and tummy-friendly sweet treats. If you want to make a conventional recipe vegan, then take a look at our guide to vegan substitute baking which gives some good options for swapping out ingredients.

Sinless Sticky Toffee Pecan Pudding. A sticky, caramelly baked pudding with just the right amount of sweetness. You can use coconut oil as an easy alternative to vegan butter, and since it doesn’t need to rise too much it’s fine if it’s not in a solid state. Toasted pecans add texture and crunch, though you could always use the chopped up nut of your choice.

Apple Rolypoly. With just five ingredients, you’d be hard pressed to make this recipe non-vegan if you tried. The simplicity makes it perfect for kids, or for a quick bake when you don’t have much else in the cupboards. Simply spread apple and jam onto a simple dough, and then bake.

Oatmeal Chia Seed Cookies. These cookies require a fair few ingredients, but all of them are easily bought at your local supermarket, not a specialty health food store. The result is a deliciously chewy, robust and filling cookie that uses oatmeal and chia seed. Healthier than the average cookie, add chocolate chips if you want a treat as well.

Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Donuts. If you fancy trying something a bit different, these donuts are an excellent choice. They come out light and fluffy, with a delicious wintery spice flavour. Everything should be easy to find, though canned pumpkin is hard to come by in New Zealand, so it might be best to wait for winter.

Green Tea Cupcakes. Matcha powder has a way of giving an earthy, almost bitter flavour to baking that can be very refreshing and a nice change of pace from sweeter flavours. These cupcakes are easy to make, and use apple cider vinegar to help with raising.

Vegan baking doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult, with a wide range of ingredients. These recipes are simple to make and will be popular with vegans and non-vegans.

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