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November 6, 2012
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Like many niche groups, it can be difficult for vegetarians and particularly vegans to find people to share their experiences and thoughts with. In an omnivorous world, it can be awkward or intimidating to voice opinions aloud to the general public. This is where online vegetarian communities come in. With its ‘something for everyone’ vastness and ability to bring people together from all over the world, the internet allows vegetarians and vegans everywhere to congregate and meet others.

Why Are Online Vegetarian Communities Important?

Having an online community that shares similar thoughts and ideas as you gives you a sanctuary where you can always express yourself freely without worrying about being in the minority. It allows you to learn more about the niche you are in, as well as debate certain aspects and perhaps adjust or refine your position on things.

For vegans and vegetarians, it can also simply be a great way to swap lifestyle tips, commiserate about mutual difficulties, and to not feel so isolated if you are the only veggie in your social circle.

Online Vegetarian Communities

There are a number of different communities aimed at vegetarians and vegans, depending on what you need. aims to provide resources and articles to make vegan/vegetarian living easier, with a focus on New Zealand based sources and services. It’s useful if you’re looking for a place to get a satisfying meal, or need a fresh new recipe to try.

Veggie Boards is an international forum community of vegetarians, with a special subsection for vegans. Here you can meet and chat with others who share the same interests as you, and discuss everything from work event dinners to the latest article. It’s great for reaching out and building friendships and rapports to help support your lifestyle.

Joining a Vegetarian Society puts you in touch with a more local community, and usually offers ways to keep up with news, meet other vegetarians in your area, and get to know the local scene.

More online vegetarian/vegan communities:

  • VeggieBoards – An international forum with lots of discussion and an active user base.
  • HappyCow – A site with forums, chats, groups and restaurant information from around the world.
  • Vegetarian Youth Groups – Providing support and guidance for young vegetarians around NZ.

Depending on your social circle it can be easy to become isolated as vegetarian or vegan, but it needn’t be so. Utilise the internet to find those with the same interests as you, and use it to stay connected and involved with the community, whether local or afar.

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