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November 17, 2014
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Though there are actually a huge variety of vegan dishes available, some of them take more preparation than others. Ingenuity, clever ingredient substitutions and multi-cultural influences make for a broad vegan repertoire, but sometimes all you want at the end of a long day is to simply put some food together that doesn’t require any extra thought or culinary prowess. This article will provide you with a number of such staple recipes that you can put on rotation each week to fill the evenings where a more complicated meal just feels like too much work. They can of course be modified and changed to fit the ingredients you have on hand.

Basic Lentils and Quinoa – Quinoa is a grass seed that functions just like rice, and is a great go-to food for any vegan kitchen. Once prepared, you can have it with pretty much any seasonable vegetables or salad to create a filling, healthy meal. The lentils in this dish add to the healthy properties, providing the protein and iron essential to a good vegan diet.

Brown Rice Pilaf – Rice is another great staple, and pilaf is a great way to serve it. Follow the cooking instructions, but feel free substitute any of the ingredients listed to suit your own taste. Pilaf is a great side dish, or makes up part of a meal with a larger protein such as grilled eggplant or tofu. Although rice shouldn’t be kept too long in the fridge, the leftover pilaf can be reheated with a drop of water the following day.

Tofu and Broccoli Stir Fry – Stir fries are one of the simplest and easiest recipes around. Simply toss in whatever leftover vegetables you have on hand and cook in oil with the spices and sauces of your choice – you can make them up yourself or buy readymade packets from the supermarket. This recipe makes for an excellent base with tofu and broccoli providing good quantities of iron and protein, but any ingredient could be added easily.

Spicy Potato Chips – Potato chips are a great side dish that only requires a simple salad or main to create a full and fun meal – sure to be especially popular with the kids. Make a little or a lot, and serve with tomato sauce or chutney, or a range of different dipping sauces if you want to make chips the focus of the meal.

Vegan cooking doesn’t need to require culinary acrobatics – there are many simple recipes that provide both the taste and nutrition essential to feeding you and your family.

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