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January 21, 2015
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new storeLiving in New Zealand has many advantages in terms of environment and lifestyle, however it also means that buying specialty products from overseas can be very expensive in terms of shipping. Vegetarians and vegans in America and the UK have a huge range of food products available to make life easier, and a few New Zealander retailers are dedicated to making these available for Kiwis too. Buying from a local distributor means the shipping cost has already been taken care of, which also cuts down on the delivery time. Supporting local vegetarian businesses ensures there will continue to be a wide range of vegetarian products available at affordable prices, here are some examples:

Angel Food. Not only are of Angel Food’s products vegetarian, some are also dairy free as well such as parmesan and mozzarella cheese alternatives. Their special feature product is “Smokonut” – a salty-sweet-smoky flavoured coconut that can be added to salads, pizzas, sandwiches or simply eaten on its own. Also gluten-free. Angel Food products can be purchased online but also stock in a range of supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Blissful Vegetarian. An Asian vegetarian food superstore chain located in Auckland, carrying a huge range of mock-meat products including chicken, duck, steak and seafood. Also offers a number of ready-to-eat options for instant vegetarian meals and quick fixes. There are also vegetarian snacks and sauces, and TVP products. There are three shops in Auckland, and there are a number of stockists and restaurants that offer the products throughout New Zealand.

Veggie Delights. A huge range of vegetarian products, with an emphasis on substitute western style meats. These include casserole mince, vegetarian sausages, crumbed schnitzels and pepperoni. This makes it easy to recreate a number of traditional dishes without having to make a substitute yourself. The website also offers recipes for using these products, which are stocked at various supermarkets around New Zealand.

TONZU. Makers and sellers of New Zealand’s only certified organic tofu, TONZU offers a range of tofu products as well as soy yoghurt, luncheon and mince. They are involved in helping community projects throughout the world and offer a “living wage” to all employees, making them an ethical company as well.

For vegetarians living in New Zealand, getting hold of vegetarian products is more of a challenge than in other parts of the world. Fortunately there are a number of retailers who bring products within reach, or else produce high quality vegetarian foods locally.

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