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September 17, 2012
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Vegetarian RestaurantHere at HQ, we are always looking for new vegetarian restaurant reviews to help build up a full resource of the best places for vegetarians to eat throughout New Zealand. Our directory lists many of the current establishments (including a number that are 100% vegetarian, along with just veggie-friendly), and if there’s one missing you think should be on there we are always taking suggestions.

Leaving a review is a great way to help others in the vegetarian community, and while it can be as simple as giving it a rating out of 5 and a few choice words, we also encourage our users to give more full information. When writing a restaurant review, particularly for a specialist dietary need such as vegetarianism, consider giving your thoughts on the following:

  • How knowledgeable were the staff about your dietary requirements?
  •  If it was a professedly veggie-friendly restaurant, were they well versed on the vegetarian dishes?
  •  If it was a specialist place, could they help with specific diets such as vegan and raw?
  • How was the atmosphere?
  • How was the value for money? Vegetarian dishes should typically be cheaper than meat ones – was this the case?
  • How was the service?
  • How well did they cater to other dietary needs such as gluten or dairy intolerance?
  • Was there a good variety of vegetarian dishes?
  • Did it feel like vegetarians were being properly catered to?
  • And of course, how was the food?

These are the main concerns for most vegetarians who are looking to dine out, by answering some of these questions, you can help with the creation of a great night out, or the avoidance of a bad one. To find a restaurant you would like to review, simply browse our database by region and check by alphabetical order. Click on the restaurant listing, and you can leave both a comment review and a rating.

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