Study Finds Only 3% Of Kiwi Vegetarians Would Want To Convert A Partner

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January 26, 2017
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NZ veggie dayA study last year reveals that Kiwi vegetarians are very open minded about a partner’s diet – just 3% would actively try and convert their other half to the vegetarian side.

  • Just 3% of New Zealand vegetarians would insist on ‘converting’ a partner.
  • 68% of Kiwis would dump a partner who tried to make them go vegetarian.
  • But nearly half of carnivorous Kiwis would eat less meat if asked nicely.
  • When compared to other countries, NZ is relatively open-minded about vegetarian dating.

68% of meat eaters would dump their partner before they’d dump bacon

The survey of 300 Kiwi singles found that, if given an ultimatum (i.e. ‘’it’s me or the meat’’), 68% of meat eaters would choose meat. What’s more, a number of NZ meat eaters worry that falling for a vegetarian will mean a life without so much as a sausage sizzle: 16% see the threat of attempted conversion as the number one reason not to date a vegetarian.

However, it may be the ultimatum rather than the diet that is the real problem. Indeed, if asked nicely by a vegetarian partner, nearly half of Kiwi meat eaters (47%) would be prepared to try going at least semi-vegetarian. This includes 28% who would try and avoid meat in front of their partner and 19% who would give it up entirely.

Just 3% of vegetarians would want to convert a partner

Yet, the study proved that these conversion fears are unfounded. In fact, just 3% of vegetarians surveyed would insist that their partner swear off meat. 27% would like a partner to at least consider eating less meat, and the vast majority – 70% – don’t think it is their place to make demands on a partner’s diet.

What’s more, 93% of Kiwi vegetarians would be happy to start a serious relationship with someone who eats meat. Slightly fewer meat eaters (85%) would want a serious relationship with a vegetarian.

Compared to other countries, Kiwis are relatively open-minded about vegetarian dating

Overall, the study found that 73% of New Zealand singles would most like to date a meat eater and just over a quarter (27%) would most like to date a vegetarian.

This may not sound like a lot – but, when EliteSingles conducted the same study in Australia, Europe, and North America (involving more than 11,000 singles in all), it turned out that Kiwi vegetarians have it relatively easy.

In fact, that 27% means that NZ singles are actually comparatively willing to date a vegetarian, coming in well ahead of France (on 15%) and Denmark (18%); just ahead of Australia, Poland, and Canada (all on 26%); exactly equal with Norway and Sweden; and right behind the USA on 28% and the UK on 29%.

The easiest places for vegetarian dating are Germany on 30%, Finland on 31%, and Spain, where a whopping 37% would rather date a non meat eater; making Spain número uno for vegetarians in search of love.

For the full list of participating countries, please see the in-depth article.

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