Vegan Dessert Recipes

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June 3, 2012
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When you remove dairy and eggs, creating vegan dessert recipes can become a little tricky. Used to moisten and raise baked treats, these two key ingredients do have a number of substitutes available, but these are often expensive, have to be altered according to different recipes and may be difficult to find in your area. Instead, we’ve found a number of vegan dessert recipes that work around these exclusions and don’t require any special substitute products at all – making life a little bit sweeter!AARice

Strawberry Daifuku

Although the western influence of the 20th Century introduced dairy to the Japanese diet, many of its traditional sweets predate the common use of milk which makes them perfect for vegan dessert recipes. An example of this is daifuku, dense little cakes made from glutinous rice flour and water, usually with a dollop of red bean paste inside to sweeten. It’s a simple recipe to make, but be cautious – daifuku can be incredibly calorie rich for the size of the sweet.

Chocolate Tofu Pie

Silken tofu is a great way of adding richness and moisture to a vegan desert. Soft, creamy and easily blended with chocolate to create a delicious filling, it’s a utilisation of tofu that many might not have thought about before. Tofu is available in many supermarkets and specialty Asian food stores, so it may be easier to find than good dairy substitutes.

Apple Crisp (Crumble)

Relying on the natural sweetness of nature is a great way to make tasty vegan treats. Cored apples, cooked with sugar and spices, become the backbone of this delicious dish, and a crumble for the top is easy produced with organic flours, brown sugar and nuts. These ingredients can be used in many ways to produce vegan desserts, and it’s worth experimenting with honey, dried fruit and oats in things such as biscuits and muesli.

Mango Sticky Rice Pudding

A classic dessert that functions perfectly well for vegans, traditionally made with coconut milk, there is no need for complicated substitutions here. No extra modifications are needed for this delicious Thai style desert. 

Raw Vegan Brownies

The closer you can stay to the original ingredients, the easier it is to make a vegan dessert recipe. This is a simple way of making brownies, and additional ingredients such as honey and oats could be used to experiment with different ways of preparation.

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