Vegan Summer Fruit Recipes

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December 20, 2013
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As the long hot days of summer roll in, so too does the harvest of fresh summer fruit. From strawberries and stone fruits to melon and mangos, a huge selection becomes available in New Zealand supermarkets at very reasonable prices, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of its availability. Of course, eating fresh fruits just as they are is a great way to get the maximum nutrients, but it can also be fun to try something new and prepare them in an interesting way. These recipes are often simple for kids and can be kept in the fridge for a cooling snack on a hot day.

Strawberries And Cream Bread – A soft dense bread with either blueberries or strawberries strewn throughout. This can only be made with fresh berries (as opposed to frozen) so summer is the best time to try. Uses sour cream, but silken tofu can be substituted for a vegan option.

Cherry Compote Over Goat Cheese – A compote is a fruity sauce that combines a little vinegar and sugar to create something similar to a preserve. It’s perfect over a smooth tart goat cheese, but vegans may want to have it with bread or vegan pancakes.

Blueberry-Blackberry Shortcakes – Berries are one of the most abundant fruits during summertime, and this recipe combines two favourites to make a jam-like filling. The shortcake is light and low in fat, so it’s a guilt free treat.

Vegan Blueberry Muffins – Fresh berries and applesauce make these muffins extra moist and soft, and better still they’re safe for vegans to enjoy too.

Orange Julius Smoothies – The perfect summer drink, which you can add your favourite fruits to including bananas and strawberries. Use soy or rice milk for a vegan option, and keep in a jug in the fridge to glass up when desired.

These fruity recipes are perfect for taking advantage of seasonal fruits in summer, and not only taste great but are extremely healthy options too.

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