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September 22, 2012
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Vegetarian ProductsWhen adopting a veggie lifestyle, many people also want to keep things aligned in other areas including vegetarian products. Animal suffering and unsustainable practices don’t just go into our food – they go into our clothes, our furniture, our cosmetics and even our houses. Embracing a truly vegetarian or vegan way of living requires reassessment from the ground up of what we buy and consume.

What Defines Vegetarian Products?

A vegetarian or vegan product is something that lives up to the same restrictions as placed on the diet itself. A vegetarian product therefore must contain nothing derived from animal flesh or the killing or harming animals, though it may include animal by-products. A vegan product cannot contain animal by-products or derivatives at all. Common substances ruled out by this include leather, suede, bone, pig gut, and other hides such as sheepskin and possum skin.

Although there are many “accidentally vegetarian/vegan” products – i.e. products made in a standard way that just happen to be vegetarian or vegan – there are a number of producers who ensure the manufacturing itself process is sound, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Where Can I Get Them In New Zealand?

Fortunately, there are many ways to source vegetarian or vegan products here in New Zealand. Because it is a niche market, many overseas companies are happy to ship worldwide, so while you may pay a premium in return you get excellent choice. Each vegetarian producer has its own specialty, and you can slowly but surely switch many of your daily products over to suit your lifestyle.

For local companies, you will find a list on our website offering everything from prepackaged food products through to cosmetics and shoes. By purchasing them you will save on shipping costs as well as supporting local vegetarian and vegan businesses.

You may also find products at your local farmer’s, crafts or artisan markets. Soaps, cosmetics, clothing and food at these markets are usually hand produced in a sustainable fashion, and the sellers will know enough about the product to be able to inform you as to whether it is vegan or vegetarian friendly.

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