Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

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December 16, 2014
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brocolli meatballsWith Christmas nearly upon us, it’s time to think about three things – friends, family and food. The idea that the centrepiece of a Christmas meal needs to be a dead animal is certainly an outdated one, and there are plenty of fantastic vegetarian dishes that extend the spirit of kindness and compassion to our animal friends. From main meals and roast substitutes through to salads, sides and desserts, these recipes are sure to please the staunchest omnivore and convince them there is no need for meat on this festive day.

Individual Christmas Pies. These tiny pies are perfect to go along side a salad, and can be filled individually if you happen to know everyone’s tastes (or if there are people who can’t eat onions or garlic, for instance). Lentils make up the bulk of the filling, with leeks and mushrooms as well.

Whole Roast Cauliflower. If you’re looking for an alternative to a roast, this recipe is perfect. A whole cauliflower head is spiced with paprika, thyme and flaked almonds, and then roasted for about an hour until the whole thing is soft and tender. Perfect for a centrepiece.

Leek, Mushroom & Goat Cheese Strudels.  A low-fat recipe in case you want to temper your Christmas gluttony a tad. Leeks and mushrooms are the main filler here, and goat’s cheese (with vegetarian cultures – look for the official seal from the Vegetarian Society) compliment the crisp flaky pastry.

Vegan Gravy. As we all know, sometimes the best parts of Christmas meals are the sides – breads, stuffing and of course, gravy. Gravy can be made deliciously vegetarian, using marmite and red wine vinegar to attain a distinct warm flavour.

Roquefort Salad. This fresh and elegant salad is made with pears, chicory and walnut oil to create a combination of creamy and crisp. Substitute the Roquefort cheese for something vegan if you require a vegan option.

There are a huge range of vegetarian Christmas meals to try, ranging from main courses to sides, and they’re just as filling and delicious as any non-vegetarian equivalent. Try these recipes for a truly kind and caring Christmas, and see if you can get your friends and family to join in the spirit of not harming others this year.

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