Vegetarian Curry Recipes

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July 15, 2014
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pumpkin spinach curryWith the cold months upon us, winter is the perfect time for hot vegetable curries. Filling and rich, they use up any spare veggies you have lying around, and different spices give you a huge range of flavour combinations to brighten things up on grey days. They’re easy to prepare and usually require a long simmering time rather than extensive preparation, and the longer you can leave them the softer they will be. You may need to invest in some ingredients if you don’t normally do international cooking, but these are usually low cost and go a long way. There are curries from all over the world, and each country has its own unique take on them.

Vegan Spicy Potato Curry. A simple and straightforward curry that uses coconut milk to make it safe for vegans to enjoy as well. Canned beans, tomatoes and peas make it extremely easy to throw together. Leave out the cayenne pepper if you want less of a kick to it.

South Indian Style Vegetable Curry. This traditional South Indian curry can be prepared in a single pot, making it a good dish for those just starting to experiment with curries. Spinach adds extra iron and fibre, and the spices are warm and soothing.

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry. Thai curries are generally divided into two types – red and green. Red curries have a fiery flavour and a strong spicy kick. Uses tofu as a meat substitute, though this can be substituted for more vegetables if desired.

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry. Green curries still have a warmth to them, but it’s definitely more mild. The taste of the vegetables is slightly clearer and crisper, and the spices can be adjusted to serve your tastes exactly. This recipe provides instructions for making your own curry paste, but this can be bought as well.

Vegetarian curries are a great way of keeping warm over the winter, and can use up all kinds of vegetables you have left over – fresh, frozen or canned. They’re simple to make and can be frozen and stored easily, and go perfectly over fresh rice to make them go further.

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