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January 7, 2015
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detox dietThe start of the New Year is always a fantastic time to start on a new health goal. Whether you’ve indulged over the Christmas period or simply want to start the year with more of a focus on health, there are lots of ways to veggie detox options.

You don’t need to go for a full-on cleanse. If you want to make any drastic changes, it’s always best to speak to a doctor or nutritionist first. Instead, a balanced path of enjoying the food you like while making good healthy decisions is going to be beneficial.

Drink lemon water. Boil a jug of water, pour into a mug, squeeze in some lemon and leave to cool for a while. You can also add a sliced lemon to a pitcher of cold water and this will gently infuse the taste. This has been proven to help with digestion, and is a better habit to reach for than tea or coffee. If you do need tea, go for a green or herbal tea.

Try a light steamed vegetable breakfast. Most traditional breakfast fare is loaded with carbs, which might make you feel full in the short term but you’ll often run out of energy long before lunch. Steamed vegetables provide all the nutrition you need and will keep you fuller for longer. Try carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach or kale. If you want something more substantial, add a small portion of lentils or beans. Try to cut back on dairy, sugar, gluten and caffeine.

Mix it up. One of the biggest mistakes people make with detoxing or dieting is eating the same set meals over and over again. Instead, use detox as an opportunity to research new healthy recipes, try new preparation techniques, or look at new vegetables or ingredients you’ve never tried before.

Balance with your favourite foods. Instead of cutting out what you like entirely, keep them as a “sometimes” food – and trim down the portions wherever possible. This way you always have something to look forward to, and a motivation to keep going.

It’s wise to make an informed decision before starting any detox diet – for more detailed information, check out the following resources:

Make a New Year resolution to be healthier and happier – but not to punish yourself or feel bad if you slip up. One lapse in healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely. Continue to do your best as long as you want to feel good and energised.

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