Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

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April 10, 2015
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warm pasta saladPasta is a popular component of any meal, and vegetarian pasta recipes are a delicious and nutritious option. Whether you are vegetarian, catering to vegetarians, or looking for ‘meatless Monday’ inspiration, pasta is an ideal choice. It is easy to cook as it comes pre-made, either dried or fresh. Farmer’s markets often sell beautiful handmade pasta varieties. If you are feeling particularly intrepid, you can try making your own pasta from scratch. It can take a while to perfect your technique, but the results make it worth persevering. Whole-wheat pasta is a more nutritious option than the more processed varieties, and can be substituted in any pasta recipe. There are also many gluten-free pasta options available, so if you’re catering to a gluten-freevegetarian pasta can still be a great choice. There are many delicious pasta recipes available online.

Caramelized Onion Lasagne. Portobello mushrooms, spinach and Gorgonzola cheese make up the bulk of this lasagne recipe, while caramelized onion creates a rich sweetness that permeates through each layer. White sauce gives the dish a creamy, delicious texture, with walnuts and ricotta cheese for additional richness, flavour and nutrition.

Fresh Egg Pasta. For those who want to try making their own pasta from scratch, this recipe makes it simple. Containing just egg and flour, the main challenge is getting the dough right. The recipe gives instructions for making pasta with or without a pasta machine.

Lime Orzo. Orzo (also known as risoni) is a popular type of pasta shaped like large grains of rice. It is extremely versatile and can be served alone or used in soups, salads, risotto dishes, casseroles. Lime orzo is a hearty, satisfying dish that can be prepared on the stove-top. Lime juice and lime zest make this simple pasta dish come to life. Canned tomatoes and vegetable broth make the preparation quick and simple.

Lasagne Pie. Combine two great things to make one truly excellent dish. Three kinds of Italian cheese lie between sheets of soft pasta noodles. Fresh vegetables and baby greens add a nutritious boost to the recipe. Topped with sliced tomatoes and aromatic herbs, it’s perfect for a special occasion, or when you want to treat yourself.

Pasta is a great comfort food, and is suitable for both dinner parties and quick meals at home. It can be frozen for a delicious hot meal almost instantly. Vegetarian pasta dishes tend to be based around fresh vegetables, making them extra nutritious.

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