Vegetarian Winter Soup Recipes

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May 30, 2013
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Winter is the perfect time of year to enjoy a steaming bowl of hot soup, and with an abundance of winter vegetables coming into season there are many different varieties to try. Soups are great because they can be frozen and kept for several months, so taking the time to prepare a big batch over the weekend means you can have delicious, healthy lunches for the following week. They’re easy to make and hard to mess up, so they’re good meals to get kids involved with.

Winter is also the time when it’s easiest to scrimp on cooking and eat more junk food, hence most of us putting on a few extra winter pounds. Soups are chock full of vegetables and a healthy choice to help balance the dark side.

Below are a selection of vegetarian winter soup recipes that will keep you warm and toasty no matter how cold it gets.

Vegetarian Winter Soup Recipes

Black Bean, Quinoa and Sweet Potato Soup – A fun and colourful soup with many different components and a South American flavour. Easy to customise to you or your family’s liking. A bit spicy, best served with corn chips, sour cream and salsa.

Crock Pot Split Pea Soup – Crock pots are excellent for making soups – just load in the ingredients, set the timer and forget about it until it’s done and ready to be served. This is a hearty vegetarian version of the classic split pea soup.

Lentil And Sweet Potato Soup – An easy soup with a light curry taste. Enjoy the filling warmth of lentils, which are also a great source of fibre in the winter months when lettuce and other leafy greens aren’t so fresh.

Pumpkin Soup – The quintessential winter soup. If you can wait until after a good few hard frosts, the pumpkins will release their sugars and become even sweeter. Use a little salt and pepper to season, or add some peanut butter for an extra dimension. 

Broccoli Cheeze Soup – Get plenty of iron with this broccoli soup in a creamy sauce. The recipe is vegan, but dairy products can be easily substituted.

Keep warm and healthy this winter with a variety of recipes that are easy to make, can be stored for later and work as a lunch, dinner or snack. Get inventive and add or subtract vegetables depending on what’s fresh and available to you throughout winter.

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