Winter Vegetarian Recipes

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July 21, 2012
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Winter Vegetarian RecipeWe’re well and truly into a cold winter here in New Zealand, and while that means there are less seasonal fruits available, fortunately there are a whole slew of tasty, hearty winter veggies to make up for it. There are so many winter vegetarian recipes options, and pumpkins in particular are known for requiring a good cold snap to release the sugars and make them sweet enough for soups and roasting. Tuber vegetables such as potatoes and kumara also come into their own at this time as they bulk up our meals and form the basis of deliciously warming soups and casseroles. Carrots, leeks, bok choy and broccoli that were planted in the late autumn will also be ready to harvest now, giving you some crisp fresh vegetables to accompany your vegetarian recipes. And of course, it’s always possible to simply pop down to the supermarket and buy imported versions of out-of-season produce, although the prices may be at a premium.

Winter Vegetarian Recipes

Barley Soup

A vegan recipe that’s perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather or don’t want to eat too much.

Slow Baked Beans With Kale

Beans are a healthy, filling base for any meal, and this recipe adds the nutritional goodness of fresh kale leaves.

Asparagus Risotto

A rich creamy risotto is perfect for a winter evening, and is gluten free as well! This vegetarian recipe adds asparagus for extra flavouring and nutrition.


Chilli is a super easy throw-it-together dish for when you don’t feel like cooking. Once the ingredients are together, it’s just a matter of letting it simmer and reduce.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is always a classic for this time of year, and this recipe adds smoked paprika to give it a spicy kick – perfectly matched to the creamy soup.

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