The Lotus Heart

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100% Vegetarian

Delicious, healthy and 100% vegetarian food with lots of vegan options and gluten free support. The Lotus-Heart is dedicated to conscious living, healthy eating and strives to create a global cuisine naturally with pure vegetarian food. The Lotus Heart uses the freshest non-GMO, locally grown and organic (where possible) pure vegetable oils. The restaurant avoids the use of microwaves unless specifically requested. The menu includes a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes free of dairy products and gluten. Lotus Heart food is also low in fat.

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  1. Bridget

    Delicious for the whole family! AMAZING vegan pizzas!

  2. Philip

    It is not merely a vegetarian restaurant with impeccable food and award-winning service, it makes a statement for a new way of eating in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere that not only nourishes the body but also the mind and soul.

  3. Stella

    This is the only restaurant that I ever want to go to. There are so many unique nutritious ingredients. You always feel very nourished after dining in. Thank you team of Angels.

  4. Macey

    I had the vegan nachos the other day and – oh my god – they were amazing. Such a nice treat to get two kinds of fresh organic beans in a home-made salsa. And all drizzled with vegan cheese and a side salad thrown in. I should also mention that the drinks here are fantastic – all kinds of juices and smoothies expertly crafted by people who really know what they are doing. Rated 5 stars. Oh, and the staff are always very smiley.

  5. Sabine

    Beautiful, healthy and lovely food. Thank you Lotus Heart!

  6. Maddy

    Absolutely fantastic food and great friendly staff.

  7. Capri

    The Lotus Heart has a lovely atmosphere and vegan cheesecake to live for! The salads and soups are also exceptionally tasty. If you are looking to treat someone special – yourself, for example – this may be the place for you.

  8. Christopher

    They have this magical ability to get vegan cheese to melt like real cheese . . . how do they do that?!

  9. Carla

    Absolutely love this place! So nice to go somewhere and have a yummy meal when you have food intolerances/allergies. They have so many gluten free options as well as vegan. It’s my favourite lunch spot!

  10. Angela

    Great food & service, always fresh & I leave feeling healthy.

  11. Katie

    No matter what I order, I’m never disappointed here. Lovely atmosphere and staff as well.

  12. Steve

    Just had a humming burger. Loved it.

  13. Mark

    In a word… superb. Great people with wholesome food. From stellar burgers to tasty curries to fresh juices, this place rocks.

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(03) 377 2727