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100% Vegetarian

Welcome Vegetarian serves Fresh and delicious food. This eatery is great value for money. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly and great for a quiet night out.

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  1. Adrienne and John

    A regular favourite for us and our three grandsons, who have grown up going to ‘Bernard’s and at $22 for four courses, nothing compares for value! A great little place with great staff.

  2. Francesca

    There was a good katsu type curry that we liked and the deep fried tofu is a good starter. Be nice if they updated the menu presentation, bit of a hodgepodge. Photos would be useful! Some dishes are ok and some are great. A matter of exploring the menu.

  3. Capri

    I went back to the Welcome today and I must say I was very disappointed. I ordered a claypot dish (ginger rice claypot I think it was called), which I am sure I have had before and have enjoyed before.
    Today I got what was mostly a big bowl of rice, with some steamed broccoli and no other vegetables on top, a few pieces of fried tofu and some TVP nuggets with some black bean sauce out of a bottle poured over. It was bland and not worth the money I spent. With vegetable buns as a starter, which, too, were pretty “meh”, I paid $18.50 all up.
    I have been a customer of the Welcome for many years, but this I did not expect. You need to up your game, or I won’t be coming back.

  4. Macey

    I love the fact that I can get something new every time I go here. The menu is so huge. I love the fried rice dishes and the more Asian-themed ones. Not so keen on the western-styled ones. I sometimes go here just to get the entrees, like the wantons or the soup as a nice vegan snack. The bean pastry things at the counter are quite interesting.

  5. Anonymous

    I am not super into asian food, but most of the western food/indian like Samosas, chips etc are nice. Very good value for money. Hate the surroundings and decor, the restaurant looks really tacky and the toilet is more like a mission through a slum. Can’t say I would recommend this place, but the staff are REALLY nice.

  6. Nicole

    Love the noodle dishes, won tons and the western-style sweet and sour potatoes in particular. I also love knowing that I can eat anything off the menu and there is a lot to choose from! However, we were disappointed with the food the last time we dined there. One dish was just a plate of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) with sweet and sour sauce, the other dish was some chopped-up and deep-fried fake meat, the kind you can buy yourself from Qmart and the like. Next time I’ll avoid those kind of dishes and choose more carefully.

  7. Mark

    The lemon tofu eggplant hotplate was great. Good value for money. Speedy service. A huge menu, it’s so hard to choose! Will be back to explore the menu further…

  8. Katie

    Probably the best place for meat-substitute dishes in Christchurch. Heaps of soy, tofu and protein along with classic veggies. Service took a bit of a leisurely pace but worth the wait. The honey kumara pieces were delicious.

  9. Maddy

    The best vegan meals I have tasted in a while. It’s a shame it’s in Riccarton as I would love to go there for lunch more often. I wish Bernard would open a restaurant in North Canterbury! We just don’t have anywhere decent to eat out here!!!

  10. Bridget

    The restaurant is cheap, fun, and family friendly. The atmosphere is similar to the one that we have at home, a little busy, but very happy and excited. It has delicious vegan food, and all the people I have taken there, vegetarian or not, agree the food is divine, and also gives proof that you don’t have to sacrifice taste when becoming vegeterian or vegan! My favourite dishes are the crispy soy rolls with vegetables and rice, and of course the steamed dumplings! My eight year old brother loves the Crispy Savoury Cheeky nuggets! The decorations give it a very kind, homely feel. This is an amazing place, and if you are considering going, you definitely should! 5 Stars!

  11. Capri

    The Welcome has very affordable and tasty vegan food, so it’s great for anyone on a budget. Anything on a hotplate is generally good – one of my favourites is Beijing stewed roast on a hotplate (make sure it’s on a hotplate!). I also like Something Fishy on a hotplate, and Bernard’s chips with vegan mayonnaise. I would give 3.25 stars for the food, and 5 stars for affordability. The decor is – um – eclectic (think coffee shop meets creche), but the atmosphere is always really nice, because Bernard truly makes you feel welcome. The name is no accident. This is also a favourite hangout for Christchurch vegans and vegetarians, so the chances are you will meet someone you know if you are from here. Perhaps Bernhard should put up a board for lonely hearts messages, so people can meet someone they don’t know…. :) As far as vegans and vegetarians go, this place represents a lot of fish in a small pond, if you will excuse the metaphor. Four stars overall!

  12. Toby

    By far the largest selection of vegan meals available in the city. The awful decor will put some people off but the friendly service and the legendary hot plate meals make this a regular hangout for vegan fans of Asian food. Very good prices.

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