Here are the only mushrooms that can be eaten raw

We always find mushrooms cooked in an omelette, a quiche, a gratin or sublimated in a pan. And for good reason, eating raw mushrooms can be dangerous. Most are toxic, difficult to digest, but some are edible. We tell you everything.

Porcini mushrooms

It’s a wild mushroom that we love in a risotto or fried with good olive oil. There are many ways to cook porcini mushrooms. What about eating it raw? The porcini mushroom is not toxic if it is raw and for good reason it does not contain heat-labile toxic molecules like other species. However, consuming raw porcini mushrooms can pose a risk to your health such as digestive disorders. It is possible to eat it raw but always in moderation. We advise you to opt for porcini mushrooms if you succumb to a mushroom carpaccio.


The morel is always eaten cooked, raw it is toxic. The morel contains a molecule, hemolysin, a toxin capable of destroying red blood cells or even causing kidney failure in the most severe cases. When cooked, it loses much of its toxicity and becomes rich in vitamin D and has good nutrients. Even if the remaining quantity is not dangerous, it is advisable not to overdo it. Morel in sauce perfectly enhances a poultry supreme.

Button mushrooms

The button mushroom is the only mushroom that can be eaten raw without any problem. And for good reason, its culture is very controlled. Eating it raw allows you to take full advantage of its vitamins D and B9, which are degraded when cooked. Cooking it improves its digestibility in case of a sensitive intestine. Flavored with garlic, herbs or spices, it lends itself to countless recipes for both aperitif and dinner time.


You won’t see an edible mushroom bigger than the portobello. It has a very appreciable flesh and texture both raw and cooked. It is recommended not to chop it finely: it will lose flavor. Like its cousin the button mushroom, in addition to being delicious, it is safe when eaten raw. You can roughly chop it and make a salad with lemon to prevent it from darkening and enhance its flavor. Another nice idea: make vegetarian burgers. The Portobello hat serves as a burger bun. Add tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil leaves, for example. You can put it in the oven if you want to melt the mozzarella for more deliciousness. Otherwise, bite into the mushroom which retains its texture and the fresh mozzarella.


Many people think that they are eaten raw when this is not the case. It is also preferable to prepare them quickly after picking. We like them slightly crunchy, after just a few minutes of cooking in hot olive oil.


Originally from Asia, shiitake, which is one of the most consumed mushrooms in the world after the button mushroom, must be sufficiently cooked before being consumed. ANSES and the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression) specify that “Consumption of this mushroom in a raw or insufficiently cooked state can cause toxic so-called flagellar dermatitis characterized by a rash. small, extremely itchy lesions all over the body. » Rashes that cover the body, face and cause severe itching that can last up to three weeks. We therefore cook them thoroughly.

The enokis

Enokis are like the icing on a cake: they enhance our recipes with their long legs and small heads. We love them in a soup or in a preparation with Asian flavors but you should not overcook them otherwise they become hard, fibrous and lose their taste. On the other hand, you should never eat them raw due to the risk of causing listeriosis, which is caused by the microorganism Listeria monocytogenes present in certain mushrooms including enokis.

Oyster mushrooms

Eaten raw at the time of the First World War in Germany for their antibiotic properties, oyster mushrooms can be eaten raw on one condition: if they grew in an ecologically clean place or were cultivated on a protected substrate. Raw oyster mushrooms contain a high amount of potassium, excellent for heart problems. Despite the many positive properties, raw oyster mushrooms should be consumed in limited quantities and not exceed more than 50 g per day, in order to avoid digestive problems. They are therefore not safe if eaten raw. In general, raw oyster mushrooms are not a dish in their own right; they are added to salads for example, but they are best cooked with parsley.

Caesar amanita

This species can also be eaten raw but it is not without risk unlike button mushrooms. We need to limit our exposure to hydrazines as much as possible, and therefore our consumption of raw mushrooms. It is recommended to marinate them in lemon juice overnight in the refrigerator, before using them raw.

How to prepare raw button mushrooms?

Whether they are eaten cooked or stewed, it is imperative to clean mushrooms well regardless of the species. To prevent them from losing texture, you should avoid soaking them in water or even rinsing them. Note that mushrooms act like sponges. As for button mushrooms, after cutting off their sandy base and brushing off their caps, they are ready to be devoured. You can very well prepare them as a salad with a vinaigrette, as a carpaccio marinated in lemon juice and olive oil or as a salty snack as an aperitif. Also dip them in a pesto, a sauce made from yogurt and fresh herbs, or flavored with curry. A delight !

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