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Many New Zealanders choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet for health, humane, environmental and ethical reasons.

Vegetarians New Zealand supports vegetarians and vegans in their lifestyle and to help them meet like-minded people.


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  • Mexico

    • Hamilton
    • Vegetarian Options

    Vibrant local restaurant celebrating the fresh seasonal and lighter side of Mexican cuisine. Vegan options available on request.

  • Akbabas Authentic Turkish Cuisine

    • Nelson
    • Vegetarian Options

    Authentic Turkish cuisine with several vegetarian items at Akbaba's including the rice dish, Iskender, hummus dip, salad ...

  • BodyFuel

    • Whangarei
    • Vegetarian Options

    Casual, fresh salad bar restaurant. Choose from ready made salads or build your own. (more…)

  • Pure Pulp

    • Christchurch
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Makers of freshly made juices and smoothies made from organic (where possible) locally sourced fruits and ...

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  • Chantal Organics

    • Napier
    • Vegetarian Options

    Chantal Organics offers a fresh range of fair trade, organic vegetarian products and foodstuffs. (more…)

  • Huckleberry Farms

    • Auckland
    • Vegetarian Options

    A market with organic produce along with a range of imported vegetarian and vegan foods, including ...

  • Commonsense Organics

    • Wellington
    • Vegetarian Options

    A huge range of vegan products that are tricky to source elsewhere. (more…)

  • Make It Raw

    • North Canterbury
    • 100% Vegetarian

     Organic, gluten free, cane sugar free raw foods made in Christchurch. Their range include raw crackers ...

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Product Ranges

  • DeliVegan Mart

    Importers of 100% vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes and foods. Bringing you more vegetarian choices.

  • IsoCream

    Makers of dairy free Hemp Protein ice cream that is gluten free, high protein and reduced ...

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  • Vegetarian rice dish

    Vegetarian Recipes

    Are you wondering what to prepare for your next vegetarian dish? Try one of these vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a healthy snacks.

  • Vegan burgers

    Vegan Recipes

    Peruse this collection of tasty international vegan recipes and be inspired to prepare some exquisite and delightful vegan meals.

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  • OD26

    Commented On Watson's Eatery

    Excellent, reliable food and the best service in Dunedin imo

  • Pam

    Commented On Lemonwood Eatery

    Really enjoyed a couple of meals here in June. They do a lot of their own ...

  • Mark

    Commented On Loving Hut Nelson

    Hi Tracy, Thanks for bringing that to our attention I have corrected the number to match ...