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Many New Zealanders choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet for health, humane, environmental and ethical reasons.

Vegetarians New Zealand supports vegetarians and vegans in their lifestyle and to help them meet like-minded people.


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  • Aroha

    • Wellington
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Wellington based restaurant serving creative and delicious vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Loving Hut Nelson

    • Nelson
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Loving Hut Nelson is a mobile food wagon that is 100% Vegan. Located once a week ...

  • Satya South Indian Restaurant – Mt Eden

    • Auckland
    • Vegetarian Options

    More than 70% is vegetarian and vegan, with special menus that cater specifically to vegans. On ...

  • Moment Cafe

    • Christchurch
    • Vegetarian Options

    Christchurch cafe with a focus on local foods and suppliers catering to any dietary requirement or ...

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  • Mamata Bakery

    • Auckland
    • Vegetarian Options

    Specializes in organic, allergy-friendly, vegetarian and vegan products. (more…)

  • Grater Goods

    • Christchurch
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Christchurch based vegan butchery and deli specialising in vegan meats and cheeses.

  • Jay’s Falafel House

    • Christchurch
    • 100% Vegetarian

    Specialists in meals and snacks containing wholesome and delicious falafel (more…)

  • Huckleberry Farms

    • Auckland
    • Vegetarian Options

    A market with organic produce along with a range of imported vegetarian and vegan foods, including ...

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Product Ranges

  • Fry's Family Foods

    The Fry’s range of vegan products are derived from fresh, natural and non-genetically modified ingredients. These ...

  • Hunter's Wines

    Award-winning vegetarian and vegan wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Rosé ...

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  • Vegetarian Vacations

    Organising a holiday is stressful enough, let alone a vegetarian one. This site compiles a list ...

  • Vegetarian Film Festival

    Information about films and schedules for the vegetarian film festival held in Christchurch.

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  • Vegetarian rice dish

    Vegetarian Recipes

    Are you wondering what to prepare for your next vegetarian dish? Try one of these vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a healthy snacks.

  • Vegan burgers

    Vegan Recipes

    Peruse this collection of tasty international vegan recipes and be inspired to prepare some exquisite and delightful vegan meals.

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  • Olivia Bell

    Commented On Coriander's - St Asaph

    I was disgusted to find meat in vegetarian food. Meal took over an hour to deliver

  • Lola

    Commented On Eat Takeaway Diner

    Amazing, fresh made to order plant based Kai. Best vegan Philly cheesesteak ever !

  • Magsey

    Commented On Green Time

    Had stale food, quite low quality, creepy building