Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes

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March 14, 2015
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arabic style quinoaWhether for a dinner party or a smaller affair, sometimes you want to prepare food that’s just a little bit fancier than your average weeknight fare. There are many vegetarian gourmet recipes that use a variety of vegetables, spices, stocks and preparation techniques to create foods that are different from the norm and particularly delicious. If you don’t have experience as a chef, worry not – most of the recipes are fairly simple to put together, though you might need to go further afield to find some of the ingredients. The key difference is that they use flavours and textures in a more sophisticated way, rather than being overly complicated.

Sesame Halloumi Parcels. These little parcels of halloumi cheese are wrapped in pastry and baked in the oven, creating a fantastic array of flavours. A sweet potato mash is the perfect accompaniment, with added tahini to tie the two sections of this dish together. Herb salad provides greenery, and offsets the rich sharp cheese and sweet potatoes.

Persian Zucchini Frittata. Frittatas may be a relatively simple food, but they don’t have to be unsophisticated. It completely depends on the ingredients you choose, as well as how you put the dish together. In this recipe, zucchini is spiced with traditional Iranian flavours before being baked into the egg. Garnish with a side salad of similar origin for a complete meal.

Gourmet Quinoa Salad. This gourmet quinoa salad can be served warm or cold, and is a perfect side to a main dish of egg or pastry. Dijon mustard and blueberries give it a sweet twist, while edamame provides texture and bulk. You can add pine nuts as an optional extra, as well as a small amount of sugar if you prefer a sweeter dish.

Rosemary Glazed Carrots With Barley Pilaf. One of the best things about vegetarian gourmet cooking is simply allowing the flavours of the vegetables to speak for themselves. In this recipe, young fresh carrots are lightly glazed, then set atop a bed of barley pilaf.

Pomegranate Sorbet. Sorbet is a light, fruity alternative to ice-cream, and makes for a delicious, refreshing dessert. Pomegranates have an unusual taste, and yield an exotic sorbet. Pomegranate juice is available in most supermarkets year round. A sprig of mint enhances the flavour of the fruit.

Gourmet vegetarian recipes are perfect when you want to mark a special occasion, impress your guests or simply try something new in the kitchen.

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