10 great recipes to make during the summer holidays

In summer, it’s time to relax and laze around, but also to enjoy delicious meals that bring people together around seasonal flavors. Without being a great chef, or wanting to spend hours in the kitchen, we’ll blow your mind like crazy with well-thought-out meal ideas to prepare during the summer holidays.

What meal to prepare during summer vacation

Good summer ingredients

We take advantage of the holidays to stroll through the markets and stock up on fresh produce. Ultra-fresh fish, iodized shellfish, fragrant melon, refreshing watermelon, piece of meat to grill, juicy fruits, we indulge in seasonal products that are easy to cook. And since it’s in season, and often local, these products remain affordable and don’t break the holiday budget. To remember !

Recipes that are perfect for vacations

For those in a hurry, nothing beats a mixed salad to prepare quickly upon returning from the beach or a walk. For those who want a shot of freshness, we don’t hesitate to mix vegetables, herbs, and various fruits into an original, tasteful gazpacho. Made from melon, tomato, strawberries, or even pepper, this summer, gazpacho is surprising.

For gourmets who have more time on their hands, we think marinade for meat and fish. The perfect idea to pleasantly perfume the flesh, before searing everything on the barbecue grill. As for dessert, fresh fruit is always a good idea in summer. Juicy and refreshing, it allows you to finish the meal on a sweet note, without going through the kitchen. If you prefer frozen flavors, take advantage of the extended time slot to prepare homemade ice cream. Whether you prefer the classic version in an ice cream maker, or the quick and often vegan version of nice cream made with mixed fruit, with frozen desserts you are sure to please.

For even more inspiration, here are 10 meal ideas to make during the holidays that put summer on the plate.

All recipes are for 6 people.

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