How to make homemade salmon gravlax for New Year's Eve?

Gravlax salmon is a Nordic culinary specialty made from raw salmon fillet, macerated for a full day in salt, sugar, pepper and dill. Do the ingredients seem simple? Wait until you see the recipe.

The recipe for homemade salmon gravlax

Which fish for my gravlax salmon?

If gravlax salmon is traditionally prepared with a salmon fillet that has retained its skin, it is possible to use a piece without skin, which is easier to obtain. In both cases, we choose a beautiful quality fillet, free of bones.

Gravlax salmon ingredients

For 8 people, you should plan on around 1.5 kg of salmon. To this are added 4 tbsp. tablespoons of caster sugar, the same amount of coarse sea salt, as well as 2 tbsp. teaspoon of pepper and 10 sprigs of dill. You can also use ground pink berries. Then count 2 tbsp. coffee.

The realization

We start by rinsing our piece of fish under cold water, then patting it dry with absorbent paper. In the same way, we wash then dry our dill sprigs. In a bowl, mix the sugar, salt and pepper, as well as the pink berries if you wish to use them.

Spread half of the spice mixture at the bottom of a dish, as well as sprigs of dill, then delicately place the fish before distributing the other half of the spices and herbs, so as to completely cover the fish. We wrap the fish on contact and leave it to marinate for at least 24 hours in a cool place. We can even add weights to our fish, like tin cans. The next day, don’t forget to rinse the salmon before serving. Then, we cut it into thin strips using a sharp knife (or a salmon knife).

How do I serve my gravlax salmon?

Gravlax salmon can be served cut into thin slices or large pieces depending on your preferences. As a decoration, you can cover the top with finely chopped dill or place a few sprigs on the side.

What to serve with gravlax salmon?

As an accompaniment to fish, you can opt for cream cheese, sliced ​​lemon, and a little toasted bread for a healthy and refreshing brunch. As a starter, gravlax salmon will instantly transform any meal into a chic and festive occasion. It goes very well with a little potato salad or even sliced ​​avocado.

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