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July 23, 2012
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Easy Vegetarian MealsLike any other diet or lifestyle, sometimes speed and simplicity are important when preparing an easy vegetarian meal. At the end of a long day, it can be tempting to open the vegetable drawer and just eat whatever comes out of it raw. Preparing food doesn’t need to be stressful or time consuming however, and a few quick recipes put on rotation a few nights per week will give you the energy to cook fuller meals on other occasions. Another great tip is to make a large batch at one time and then freeze it in portions that you can defrost for the rest of the week. This works especially well with soups and stir fries.

To get you started, here are some food ideas that you can put together in any way you want to make easy vegetarian meals.

Easy Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Quinoa or Cous Cous – Both of these grains work perfectly as a base for meals, and can be cooked by simply placing in a bowl with boiling water, then covering it for a few minutes. Fluff with a fork and you have an instant, filling base to build the rest of your dinner on.

Stir Fry – Take whatever leftover veggies you have in the fridge (a great way to clean it out too!) and pop into a hot wok with your choice of sauces. Instant flavour sachets take the hard work out and give you an authentic taste every time.

Baked Vegetables – Another one that allows you to use up any odd vegetables you have lying around. Simply dice up, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, pop them on a tray and into the oven. Forget about them until it’s time to serve.

Easy Pizza – Plain pizza bases are available at any supermarket, and are perfect for a quick dinner. Just add sauce and toppings of your choice and grill for 5-10 minutes. You can also divvy it up to cater to different diets easily.

Omlette – Eggs, fillings and seasonings are all you need to make a delicious omelette in a hot pan. And if your folding techniques aren’t up to par, simply turn it into a batch of scrambled eggs.

Fried Rice – Simply take a batch of precooked rice (easy if you have a rice cooker) and put into a hot pan with oil, egg, soy sauce and finely chopped vegetables. Fry until brown.

They may not be the fanciest dishes ever to hit a plate, but these easy vegetarian meals will fill you up with minimum fuss and effort – which is often all you really need.

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  1. Amy T.

    Get a slow cooker!! Every kitchen should have one, not just vegetarians, cos it makes it so much easier to make veggie soups and stews and they come out perfect every time.

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