No more waste: discover this tip to keep milk longer

The dairy industry affected by the crisis

In the midst of an international crisis, many essential food products have seen their prices rise in recent months. Could milk be next on the list? In any case, this is what the dairy industry fears, following the major heat waves which have caused the European continent and particularly France to suffer in recent months. Indeed, these extreme temperature changes have had direct repercussions on the quality of the soil, preventing animals from feeding properly. Thus, many producers had no other choice than to draw on spring storage, usually reserved for winter. Alarming consequences, which could be felt both on the selling price of milk and on the quantity available.

A tip to avoid waste

Once opened, the cartons and bottles of milk will only keep for a few days in a cool place, due to the bacteria which proliferate there quite quickly. However, there is a simple grandmother's trick that can double life expectancy. As soon as you open the container, simply slip in a pinch of salt. In fact, the latter interrupts the proliferation of bacteria, while retaining water. Dehydrated, bacteria can no longer grow. All without altering, of course, the taste of the drink. An ingenious tip that helps avoid waste, a significant result in times of crisis but not only that. Obviously, it is important to remain vigilant, and to carefully check the smell and texture of the milk before consumption.

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