Easter lamb: how to choose it well?

Lamb, what is it?

The lamb, which is generally less than 12 months old, is the young of the ewe and the ram. The lambs I choose are between 5 and 6 months old. It is in spring, when nature buds and regenerates, that young lambs are the most tender.

What are the noble parts of the lamb?

1 – Necklace
2 – Discovery coast
3 – Shoulder
4 – Chest
5 – Chest
6 – Top of coast
7 – Second rib and first rib
8 – Fillet and fillet rib
9 – Saddle
10 – Leg of lamb

At Easter, we talk a lot, by religious tradition, about leg of lamb at the table, but there are other beautiful best-selling cuts like the shoulder, the rack, the ribs, or the fillets which are equally fine and tender parts. to taste.

How do you choose the right lamb meat for Easter?

The color of the meat is an excellent indicator. It will oscillate between pink and red, depending essentially on the lamb's diet, its rearing conditions and its breed. But it must be pink and appear (even if it is difficult to touch) silky and supple to guarantee its freshness and flavor. Its fat should be very white and firm.

What is good cooking for lamb?

Not all parts of lamb cook the same way. If the lamb is best enjoyed pink without being rare, the shoulder and chops are better pink but more cooked than the lamb.

To know if the meat is cooked, simply plunge a knife into the meat for 10 seconds. If it comes out warm, it is cooked perfectly. And to ensure the tenderness of the meat, we stop cooking 5 minutes before the end, we wrap the meat in a thick layer of aluminum and we leave it to rest on the oven door for around ten minutes so that the juices circulates in the meat.

How to store lamb meat?

Lamb meat can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days on a plate covered with cling film.

Any ideas for cooking different pieces of lamb?

Through the diversity of its pieces, lamb offers a wide range of recipes, cooking methods and tastes.

THE Lamb chops are delicious grilled on the barbecue.
Another recipe idea? Lamb chops with lemon and soy sauce

THE leg is traditionally served at Easter with flageolet or mashed potatoes.
Another recipe idea? Leg of lamb with spices and olives

L'shoulder can be baked in the oven, and is delicious served with candied eggplant and lentil dahl.
An other idea ? A recipe for roasted lamb shoulder with candied lemon

THE rack of lamb is spring-like with a crust of fresh herbs.
Another recipe idea? Rack of lamb with rosemary, baby potatoes and candied carrots

THE lamb fillet is unifying when baked with rosemary.
Another recipe idea? Lamb fillet in truffle crust, Périgueux sauce

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