10 Grandma's Tips That Will Save Your Day in the Kitchen

Everyone loves grandma’s cooking. Not only are her dishes to die for, but she also knows a whole bunch of cooking tricks. Discover 10 grandmother’s tips that will save your life in the kitchen.

Have you ever seen Grandma cry while cutting onions or fail to whip egg whites? The best tips are those that have been proven to work. They are natural, economical and effective, and we would never have thought of them without them.

Learn these grandmother’s tips by heart and your daily life will become easier. Cooking then becomes child’s play!

The secret to whipping egg whites

Pomegranate Meringues

Necessary for making many desserts, egg whites are the basis of your preparation, whether for a meringue, a floating island or a chocolate mousse. They must be well assembled before being delicately incorporated into a preparation with a spatula. Obtaining compact snow whites is quite an art! The secret ingredient is not a pinch of salt but baking soda. The whites will then be firmer and lighter. With bicarbonate, your floating islands are in no danger of sinking!

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Silence… It’s boiling

Silence… It’s boiling

Tomato pasta cooked in its own juice

Want delicious pasta ready in 15 minutes tops? Bring the water to a boil but beware of the water constantly overflowing from the pan. The simple solution: place a wooden spoon on the pan. It will prevent the foam from overflowing and will save you from having to clean everything afterwards.

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Our grannies have it in their shells

Our grannies have it in their shells

Boiled egg

Did you know ? To prevent eggs from breaking in boiling water, make a hole with a needle at the top of the egg. Try !

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Peel onions without crying like a madeleine

Peel onions without crying like a madeleine

Giant pissaladiere

Say goodbye to watery eyes and cut your onions with peace of mind. To do this, think of this simple grandmother’s tip. You need to put a little water in your mouth, and then peel your onions. The tear gas released by onions will react on the water in our mouth and will not act on your eyes. Another solution: put your onion in the freezer before cutting it. Magic !

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Don’t panic when it stings

Don't panic when it stings

Homemade chili con carne

You were a little too heavy-handed with the spices when preparing your chili con carne… Don’t panic, it can be corrected! All you have to do is peel a potato and add it to the dish. It will absorb excess spices, soften your dish and the problem will be solved. This also works with excess salt.

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Preventing potatoes from sprouting is possible

Preventing potatoes from sprouting is possible

Dauphinois gratin

Due to lack of air or high humidity, your potatoes take a hit and germinate regularly. Above all, store them in a dry, cool place away from light. It may seem surprising but the foolproof tip is to slip an apple into your potato bag. It will prevent germination and keep the potatoes firm.

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Grate your food easily

Grate your food easily

Lemon and gruyere pasta

Grating carrots or cheese is sometimes a sporting activity. To make it easier, simply pour a little oil on your grater. You will feel a real difference in the cut. It glides like oil!

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Testing the Temperature of Cooking Oil

Testing the Temperature of Cooking Oil

Chocolate with churros

Never know when your cooking oil is hot? Throw a kernel of corn into the oil. When it explodes, the oil has reached the correct temperature and is ready to receive the food to be fried.

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Keep fruit longer

Keep fruit longer

Exotic fruit tart

At snack time or for dessert, we love to eat fruit but their lifespan is sometimes too short. There is an unstoppable trick to keep them longer. You will only need one thing for this: a cork. You will have to cut it in half and put it in the fruit basket. It absorbs moisture from fruits and prevents them from blackening and rotting.

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Stop bad smells in the kitchen

Stop bad smells in the kitchen

Bouillabaisse spirit with three fish

Fried foods, fish, onions, smells come together in the kitchen. Our grandmothers have an infallible remedy to combat the most stubborn odors. A simple and 100% natural tip: put white vinegar in a bowl and place it in the kitchen. Its vapors will make bad odors disappear.

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