Birthday menu for two

From the aperitif, we set the tone with a mix and match of bites with varied flavors: tuna rillettes with ricotta, herb tapenade or gorgonzola candies.

© Nathalie Carnet

For the main course, we focus on exceptional products like scallops, which are simply roasted and served with confit potato wedges. In terms of presentation, we focus on the ultra-graphic trend by arranging the potatoes and shards in vertical lines for a chic and refined plate.

Roasted scallops with candied potato pucks

© Marie-Pierre Morel

For sweets, to plant a candle we prefer a muffin or cupcake type cake. Whether it’s blueberry-flavored, Anglo-Saxon like carrot cake, or totally addictive with chocolate and speculoos, it ends the menu in style.


And to get drunk in a way other than looking at each other, we serve champagne with home-made fruit puree for an explosive white peach and rosé champagne cocktail.


© Jean-Claude Amiel

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