Here is the unstoppable tip to keep onions longer

Onions, essential members of the alliaceae family, alongside garlic and shallots, bring an inimitable flavor to cuisine around the world. Whether raw or cooked, their versatility makes them essential in the kitchen, available in many dishes, from soups to stir-fries, sauces and stews. Their flavor varies depending on their variety, yellows, reds, whites, and their method of preparation. Much more than just condiments, onions are real allies for our well-being thanks to their antioxidant content and their anti-inflammatory properties.

Store onions properly

To prevent onions from spoiling too quickly, find a cool, dry place for them. No question of leaving them lying around in a damp place where rot lurks. Indeed, when onions are stored in too cold or humid conditions, the starch they contain gradually transforms into sugar, which will tend to soften your onions. Likewise, avoid closed plastic bags. Instead, choose paper bags or a wicker basket, ideal for allowing air to circulate around the onions. Finally, don't store onions near potatoes, because you risk disaster. They both release humidity and gases which accelerate their mutual deterioration.

The nylon tights trick

Here's an excellent tip for preserving your onions while giving a second life to your old tights. The pantyhose act as a protective barrier, allowing air to circulate while preventing onions from sprouting or rotting too quickly. The main thing is to choose clean and ideally unspun tights. Take your old pantyhose, slip the onions inside and tie a small knot between each one to isolate them from each other. All that remains is to hang everything from the ceiling in a cool, dry place, sheltered from light and your onions will last for several months. You can also apply this technique to shallots or garlic.

With this tip, no more food waste and spoiled onions!

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