Here's What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Hot Sauce

Taste buds on fire

The first consequence of consuming hot sauce is in the mouth, at the level of the taste buds, which seem to be on fire upon contact! However, there is no need to worry, if the sensation of fire is present, there is no real “burn”. It is capsaicin, the compound contained in chili peppers, which agitates the taste buds and induces this sensation of intense heat.

Increased body temperature

The pepper in hot sauce stimulates thermogenesis in the body, which means that our body temperature increases, and we suddenly feel hot. But this effect has other consequences such as accelerating metabolism and increasing the calories burned by the body.

Endorphin release

When you eat hot sauce containing chili, it releases endorphins which reduce stress and give a feeling of euphoria. After the “heat” box of course…

Increased heart rate

Yes, when you eat spicy foods, your heart speeds up, blood circulation is improved, and blood pressure decreases. Another advantage of chili!

Lanes freed

It's a fact, when you eat hot sauce, everything is cleared: the nose, the bronchi, the airways. Something to keep in mind in the heart of winter.

Be careful though, if you suffer from cramps or heartburn after consuming chili pepper, it is better not to repeat the experience. And if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consuming chili pepper is also not recommended.

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