How to detox from sugar?

The WHO recommendations are clear: consuming less sugar (25 g max per day) would guarantee better health, less risk of cavities, overweight and obesity. To detoxify from sugar without diving back in, 5 tips for tracking it down, zapping it and replacing it without ever sweetening the pleasure or the taste.

We skip fast sugars

How ? A first step towards detoxification is to gradually change your habits. We start by sweetening tea and coffee less and less. We avoid too sudden a suppression but by reducing our dose a little more each day we end up eliminating it completely until we can then do without it very easily. More difficult, desserts and sweets? We close our eyes and forget about pastries, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, fruit yogurts, dessert creams, ice creams, jams, candies, cereals, soda with sweetener. We put in the cupboard and close all the cousins ​​of sugar: wholemeal, roux, agave, coconut… which remain sugar! By allowing yourself homemade gourmet pleasures while keeping the focus in mind and without letting these few moments of flexibility taint your efforts.

We draw a line under industrial food

Although this may seem obvious, it is not necessarily so because by industrial food we obviously mean ready-made meals but also ready-made soups, tomato sauces and of course industrial cold meats. We also forget about refined bread and go back to the stove to cook beautiful, delicious and tasty dishes around fresh or frozen organic fruits and vegetables, fresh natural organic dairy products, compotes without added sugar, and wholemeal bread.

We rely on glucose

Sugar remains essential to the body. But we make the right choices: if we avoid fructose stored in the form of fat (when it is ingested in large quantities), we rely on glucose, (which we find in starchy foods and legumes) better assimilated by the the body and converted into energy with a role of appetite regulator. Fruits, which are mainly composed of fructose, obviously pose no problem because they contain an appropriate amount of fructose.

We rehabilitate the fat

To detoxify from sugar, we reintroduce fat onto the plate, because we need it! (30 to 40% fat per day) and also because it helps stabilize the appetite. But we choose the right fat: organic raw butter, organic crème fraîche, duck or goose fat, coconut oil, first cold pressed olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, roasted roasted sesame oil. For a vinaigrette, use cider or wine vinegar, which is less alkanizing, and for seasoning, a drizzle of lemon juice. And also good for the taste of going for herbs and spices which are also natural reserves of antioxidants. For breakfast or as a snack, choose avocado, organic eggs and cheese, oilseeds and herbal teas.

We find healthy alternatives

To avoid breaking down, there are tricks to deceive ourselves. You can play with flavors that are reminiscent of sugar without containing any (powdered vanilla is delicious on a Fontainebleau with red fruits, and cinnamon is great for enhancing a fromage blanc). Finally, you can also roast grated coconut and hazelnuts in the oven for 5 minutes. Finally, as a healthy appetite suppressant, we haven’t found anything better than handfuls of hazelnuts and almonds rich in good fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E which, in addition, regulate satiety.

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