Should you keep the skin of the cucumber?

Limit waste: don’t throw away the cucumber skin

Removing the skin from a cucumber to throw it away is exactly the same as throwing away the stems of a mushroom or the rinds of a melon: we get rid of them even though they are reusable! The reason is that the skin of a cucumber is just as edible as its flesh. With a high concentration of vitamin K (essential for good blood clotting and bone health), the skin of a cucumber is almost more nutritious than the flesh itself, which is 97% water*. To rehydrate while strengthening your immune system, eat both.

Cucumber skin is excellent for digestion

Like a reflex, we often remove the skin from the cucumber and keep the rest, especially the seeds. However, for digestion reasons, do the opposite! Remove the seeds from the cucumber (they could be indigestible) and keep the skin. The latter contains pepsin, a molecule designed to facilitate digestion. Once rinsed, you really only have to cut the cucumber. Enjoy and treat yourself to your best summer recipes.

What do I do with my leftover cucumber skin?

So, are you on the cucumber skin or skinless team? Taste-wise, both are equal; economically and from a digestive point of view, “with the skin” wins. A little tip to embellish the presentation of the cucumber when serving: partially remove the skin. Using a peeler, peel only one strip of skin out of two. The idea is to create stripes around the cucumber. Cut it into slices, this will bring a touch of color and variety to the plate. As for the pieces of skin removed, use them in an infusion in detox water, otherwise, chop them to distribute them on top of your cucumber salad.


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