How to keep your Halloween pumpkin for a long time?

Making a pumpkin into a terrifying man is one of the great traditions of Halloween. The custom: hollow out a pumpkin and cut it on one side to create a terrifying face. Some give their pumpkin a Machiavellian smile, others a softer smile. As for the look, the more threatening and terrifying it is, the better!

Tips before you start cutting

A few steps are necessary before you start carving your pumpkin. His hat is removed using a knife to access his heart and hollow it out. Using a spoon, collect the seeds and flesh of the pumpkin and set them aside. Yes, leftover pumpkin can be cooked.

Once emptied, it’s time to cut. But what about “after”? Pumpkin being above all a food, over time it inevitably deteriorates.

Here are the steps to follow to ensure that your pumpkin will decorate our home for a long time.

When the pumpkin is ready

Once the pumpkin is carved, some conservation solutions are available to you: brush it with a mixture of white vinegar and very cold water. This will slow down the oxidation of the pumpkin peel, a phenomenon caused by contact with ambient air.

To provide a barrier to any microbes that could harm your creation, apply a little vegetable oil to the cut areas (around the “eyes”, “mouth” and around the pumpkin’s hat for example).

In this way, you will “block” the entrances to the interior of the bark and prevent any invasion of pests. The oil will also add luster and shine to the pumpkin.

These actions to adopt morning and evening

Every evening, to restore your pumpkin’s freshness: place it outside overnight. On your windowsill, on your balcony or in your garden, letting your pumpkin breathe air will give it, like a bouquet of flowers placed outside, a real breath of oxygen.

Having returned from your night under the stars, you can spray the interior with a little lemon in the morning. The power of lemon will kill any critters that got inside the pumpkin during the night.

Preventing mold with candles

The tradition of carving a Halloween pumpkin is to light a small candle inside. As a result, the pumpkin transforms into a terrifying lantern. Ideal for scaring away demons who would like to enter your home.

This candle, in addition to making your creation luminous, will prevent mold. At least, slow it down. Indeed, the heat released by the flame will protect the heart of the pumpkin from any oxidation phenomenon which could rot it.

To your pumpkins!

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