How to make a no-bake cake on vacation?

Made with just cookies and whipped cream, no-bake cake is the dessert of vacation homes without equipment. Made in just 30 minutes, with the oven off, and with just whipped cream, cookies, and a fridge, it’s completely foolproof.

For a summer snack to die for, we’re betting on a no-bake cake, a harmonious blend of biscuit and whipped cream. A dessert that is assembled layer by layer in a mold, before being chilled for a few hours and unmolded without any fuss.

Easy No Bake Cakes

To make whipped cream, simply whip the liquid cream and mascarpone or Philadelphia cream mixture firmly and vigorously. The biscuits must be thin and fine (speculoos, coconut shortbread, cereals) to absorb the moisture from the cream without softening completely. And for the assembly, several options are available to you.
If you want a large cake, simply line the mold with cling film and assemble the cake upside down: a layer of cream on the bottom, a layer of biscuits, etc., until the last layer of biscuits. When unmolding, place a dish on the mold and turn it over. The cling film can be removed without sticking to the cream.
And if you prefer individual desserts, in this case, the famous verrines are an excellent option. Biscuits in the bottom, cream on top, fresh fruit for the treat and that’s it.

You can also garnish the biscuit base with dulce de leche, banana slices, and top it all with whipped cream like the famous banoffee pie. In the other direction, but still just as good!

Next up, 9 ideas for no-bake cakes that will make you want to try them.

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