L’Assiette Gourm’Hand, a culinary competition for everyone

This year, the culinary competition dedicated to professionals with disabilities celebrates its 20th anniversary. L’Assiette Gourm’Hand will celebrate this new edition on Saturday October 14 in Hauts-de-France. A delicious and festive event that promises!

“To all chefs, open your hearts, open your kitchens”, Benoît Flahault

Conduct of the competition

The family is growing for L’Assiette Gourm’Hand, under the aegis of chef Benoît Flahault since the beginning. 23 teams composed of a candidate and an instructor representing six countries will be competing this year and for the first time, Poland and Tunisia will participate in the competition. They will be judged during preparation and tasting by fifteen of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) including: Jean-François Girardin (MOF 1993), Guy Legay (MOF 1972), Philippe Mille (MOF 2011), Fabrice Desvignes (MOF 2015), etc. The 2022 winner, Michael Desmazures, will have the honor of chairing this edition.

© Arnaud Afchain

The prize giving ceremony, scheduled for the end of the day, will close the competition. On the menu for this 19th edition, there will be several hours of testing around a dish based on Licques poultry supreme and thighs prepared in two different cooking modes and red label shrimp. Two toppings will have to be made by the 23 competing teams: one based on Prunelle potatoes from Bayard and the other based on butternut bearing the “I am from Flanders” label.

All committed to a good cause

The objective of this competition is to show that everyone has a chance in the restaurant industry. It is also an opportunity to show that as long as we are passionate, no handicap can restrict us from doing what we love. “It’s a wonderful and fabulous moment of exchange, we learn as much as we give in this competition. », explains Guillaume Gomez, sponsor of the competition. In addition to chefs, many brands like Nestlé Professional or associations like the Académie nationale de cuisine also take the cause very seriously. As for our chef Benoît Flahaut, at the origin of the competition, he explains to us that he has a phrase that has followed him throughout his adventure: “To all chefs, open your hearts, open your kitchens. They certainly have a disability but they also have great human and professional values. »

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