What to drink with the galette des rois?

When dessert comes at the meal on January 6, the galette des rois, whether the traditional frangipane, an apple or pistachio version, shines on our tables. We share it with friends or family, waiting to find out who will find the bean. To accompany this moment, here are some ideas for drinks, from the sweetest to the most sparkling, with or without alcohol. Ideal for all palates.

Sparkling drinks to celebrate Epiphany

Who says celebration, says bubbles. Here are the perfect sparkling drinks to awaken your taste buds and accompany the king cakes that will send you to seventh heaven.

The traditional cider

What would a homemade frangipane pancake be without a delicious cider? The sparkle and lightness of this alcohol make cider the number one drink to counterbalance the sweetness of the cake. For a perfect match with a chocolate, hazelnut or praline pancake, opt for a raw cider, with a low sugar content (2.8 g per 100 ml*). With a lighter pancake, with apples, a sweet cider would be perfect (5.8 g of sugar per 100 ml*). As for the ideal accompaniment for a frangipane, slightly bittersweet, a semi-dry cider will satisfy everyone (3.7 g of sugar per 100 ml*).

Perry to change the apple

Perry is a lesser known drink, yet very close to cider. Also called “pear cider”, it is a version of cider prepared with pears and apples. A drink with changing aromas, and would pair brilliantly with a chocolate pancake. Finally, a little nod to the famous combination of pear/chocolate desserts.

An extra-brut champagne

Still in the sparkling register, we choose a champagne. Be careful though, for an ideal food-wine pairing, let’s opt for an extra-brut champagne, with no added sugar – other than those naturally present. In this way, we let all the sparkle of the champagne awaken our taste buds to better immerse ourselves in the delicacy of a delicious pancake.

Soft, non-alcoholic drinks to accompany the cake

Simply apple juice

As a substitute for cider and to stick with the traditional apple notes, we choose a good apple juice. This drink will delight your taste buds to accompany any type of pancake. If apple cider is prepared from several varieties of pressed apples before fermenting for several weeks, freshly pressed apple juice can be enjoyed without delay. The freshness and lightness of the fruit will counterbalance the butteriness of the pancake.

Barley syrup

The children love it. Why reserve syrup for children when this delicious ingredient transforms a simple glass of water into a little wonder? Accompanying almond with almond, you had to think about it. Yes, orgeat syrup offers our taste buds delicate notes of almonds and orange blossom.

With your finest glasses, enjoy!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
To consume with moderation.


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