Our favorite cheeses to replace raclette

Let’s now dot the i’s and cross the t’s: we have no problem with the raclette (far from it)! That being said, there are plenty of other cheeses that are just as good melted with potatoes and cold meats.

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What cheeses to replace raclette?

Morbier, the best alternative to raclette cheese

Like raclette, morbier is a raw milk, soft pressed cheese. On the other hand, it is not made in Switzerland, but in the Jura. It can be recognized by the thin layer of ash (or vegetable charcoal) that crosses it.
Thanks to its melting texture and mild flavor, it will please everyone for your raclette evenings.

Comté and Emmental, to focus on sweetness

We know them by heart, and yet they seduce us every time. Unsurprisingly, these two varieties are particularly suitable for cast iron. Also, their softness makes them cheeses of choice if your guests have a sensitive palate, or if there are children.

Reblochon, when you’re hesitating between raclette and tartiflette

The other essential winter recipe is of course tartiflette. With its tender potatoes, caramelized onions and bacon, but above all, its reblochon gratin… It is the convivial and comforting dish par excellence. So between the tartiflette and the raclette, our heart is torn. But what if we didn’t have to choose? What if we could reconcile the two by inviting Reblochon to our raclette evening, and vice versa? This is surely one of the best culinary ideas of winter.

Maroilles and Munster, for lovers of strong flavors

Be careful, these two specialties from the North of France will not suit everyone. With their strong smell, it’s a safe bet that you’ll need to open the windows to taste them! However, if the smells don’t bother you, the Munster and Maroilles melt easily for a raclette.

Camembert and blue cheese, if you like it melting and full-bodied

The good compromise between sweetness and character. On the blue side, cheesemaker Laurent Dubois, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, recommends a Vercors-Sassenage blue with its slight hazelnut taste. For Camemberts, choose it with raw milk and from Normandy, of course.

Goat cheese, for a raclette that changes

Choose varieties that melt like logs and Chavignol crottins. You can even add a touch of honey or maple syrup, if you like sweet and savory combinations. On the other hand, avoid fresh goat cheese, which is too rich in water and which risks forming lumps when melting.

Cheddar, the “British” version of raclette

If cheddar is mainly used in hamburgers or welshs, it also has its place in raclette. Originally from the South West of England, there are several varieties depending on the maturation: sour, natural and smoked. Be careful because its color says nothing about its taste. Orange cheddar has simply been artificially colored during manufacturing. Yellow and orange cheddars with the same maturation therefore have exactly the same taste.

Mozzarella and cancoillotte, for a lighter version

With 229 kcal and 152 kcal/100g respectively, these are the least caloric and fatty cheeses that are suitable for raclette. But apart from the nutritional aspect, we appreciate them above all for their sweetness and their incomparable fondant.

So, which cheese will you choose?

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