This way of frying eggs is a taste bomb

As surprising as it may seem, those who enjoy fried eggs may never have thought about replacing the traditional butter or oil in their pan with another ingredient. However, by relying on a simple substitute ingredient, it is possible to transform fried eggs into a dish that is as hearty as it is tasty.

What is the other way to fry eggs?

Instead of adding butter or oil to the pan, it turns out to be interesting to fry the eggs in heavy cream! Indeed, heavy cream has a lot to offer when it comes to baking. By simmering gently, it breaks down the fat around the food and cooks it almost perfectly for a melting texture and caramelized edges as desired. This seems logical because butter is nothing other than thick whipped cream. It is for this reason also that we will make sure to use this rich tip only from time to time to maintain a nutritional balance in our diet. In this case, we will complete this recipe during our next summer brunch with fiber (wholemeal bread toasts), cereals and fresh fruit, rich in vitamins.

In the meantime, those who are won over by this method can use this method of cooking with sautéed meats and vegetables, which cook very briefly. But here again, we remain attentive to excess fat for our well-being and our health.

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