How to make a successful chocolate mousse (and never fail it again)?

Secret #1: good chocolate

For a perfect mousse, we favor quality chocolate, rich in cocoa butter, and we look at the labels to avoid those that contain added vegetable butters. It is not necessary to use a very intense dark chocolate which would give a very bitter mousse, a chocolate with 65% cocoa is sufficient.

Secret #2: extra-fresh eggs

We only use extra-fresh eggs (less than 10 days after laying) because they are not cooked in the preparation. If they are placed in the fridge, take them out at least 1 hour before starting the mousse so that they are at room temperature.

Secret n°3: one mousse, two recipes

For purists who want to prepare a quick and compact mousse, mix 5 egg yolks with 200g of melted chocolate, before adding 5 whipped egg whites.
For an airy mousse, you can also use a ganache made from chocolate and cream. After mixing the melted chocolate with the hot cream, transfer the ganache into a new bowl to bring down the temperature. Then simply beat the whites with a little sugar before incorporating everything into the preparation.

Secret #4: egg whites without yolk

We make sure that the egg whites do not contain any trace of yolk which could prevent the whites from rising properly.

Secret #5: Robot Speed

For perfect egg whites, you must gradually increase the speed of the mixer. We therefore pour the egg whites into the mixer bowl, add a little sugar and start by beating gently before gradually increasing the speed and finishing with 15 seconds at full power to hold the whites together.

Secret n°6: mixing the two preparations

Whether you choose one or the other mousse recipe (egg/chocolate based, or ganache), you must first vigorously whisk ⅓ of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture to relax. the material. We then pour the relaxed chocolate into the remaining whites, before delicately mixing everything with a spatula. As soon as the mixture is perfectly homogeneous, stop mixing, otherwise the foam will fall.

Secret #7: Waiting

Leave the mousse to oxygenate for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator to obtain a perfect texture. If you want a more compact result, you can leave the mousse to firm up for a few more hours in the fridge.

Secret n°8: fleur de sel, sublime flavor enhancer

Add a few grains of fleur de sel to the chocolate mousse before eating it. This super flavor enhancer will reveal the chocolate taste and add a delicate salty note.

Secret #9: conservation

As the chocolate mousse is prepared with raw eggs, it is never kept for more than 48 hours!

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