Wedding menu: which wine to serve with the cake or wedding cake?

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Do you prefer to play on a fusion pairing in which the wine and dishes have the same aromatic style and/or come from the same region, or an opposition pairing between power and freshness for example? If you are still hesitant, expert Alexandre Pons deciphers each dessert and its perfect combination with us.

SHE at the table. – What wine to serve with royal chocolate cake?

Alexandre Pons. – The chocolate cake has a very interesting aspect, because we find this somewhat tannic side ultimately, which we can have in certain red wines or fortified wines, that is to say sweet wines which are made of different ways. What is interesting is that we can go for Banyuls or Maury style Languedoc wines which will be interesting with chocolate, chocolate dishes in general. We will find this tannic side but at the same time sweet, with a nice complementarity between the two. Often on these Banyuls or Maurys which have aged for several decades, we will find this spicy and tannic side which will really stand out. So it’s a super interesting deal.

SHE at the table. – What wine to serve with a red fruit dessert?

AP – We can stick with a dry red wine, a very juicy red wine which will recall this red fruit side. A red wine without tannin where we look for pure juice, this crunchy side ultimately, the glouglou as we call it, the wine of friends without the hassle, a bit goes everywhere, with Gamay from the Rouanne coast or Beaujolais where we find light red wines.

No matter how much we decry it, we have very good Beaujolais Nouveau, which are very interesting on the red fruit, because it is precisely crunchy, it is pure juice.

SHE at the table. – What wine to serve with exotic fruits?

AP – With exotic fruits, we can find ourselves on the Chenin grape variety, in the Loire Valley, with dry, semi-dry and sweet white wines. What is interesting is the in-between with the semi-dry where to avoid too heavy wine at the end of the meal, we move towards something with a degree of sweetness, but which retains a nice acidity at the same time. time. And the Chenins of the Loire will find this part of exotic fruits that we can have precisely, in this dessert based on exotic fruits. Interesting in the Vouvray or Coteaux-du-layon appellations, for something sweeter but it's not super interesting in terms of exoticism.

SHE at the table. – What wine to serve with a cream cake or wedding cake?

AP – In general, we don't make friends because the cream cake, the wedding cake, that's the moment when we take out the champagne, except that the acidity of the champagne compared to the cream, it's quite complicated to grant. So it's true that we ultimately like to offer sparkling wines with a touch of sweetness.

You can have a little bit in Vouvray for example, semi-dry from the Loire Valley where you will have sparkling wines with a touch of sweetness which will complement the wedding cake. Otherwise look for champagnes with a little evolution, that is to say vintage champagnes, which will lose the enthusiasm of youth and this acidity, but will gain this more toasted side, an oxidative touch, a little nutty, saffron. etc., which will ultimately also be found in cooking cabbage. This will be super interesting and we will gain texture, this slightly creamy side which will remind us of the cream inside the choux pastry.

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