20 easy and surprising Halloween appetizer ideas

On October 31, we make up, we disguise ourselves, we surprise… even on the plate. Tombstones, mutant spider eggs, mummies emerging from their tombs, bloody fingers, zoom on the Halloween aperitif recipes that give goosebumps.

How to make a Halloween aperitif?

An easy Halloween aperitif

Creating a truly frightening Halloween scenography can sometimes be impressive, but it only takes a few tips to transport your guests into the dimension of horror. Among the easy decorations that inspire us at aperitif time, we think of slices of black olives to place on mini-pizzas, on fake sausage mummies, or on a simple dip, to evoke baby eyes. zombies worthy of the name.

For a mummification to die for, we use thin strips of dough to wrap around small sausages before putting them in the oven, or filaments of cheese to place intertwined on Halloween toast or small individual pizzas. But cheese can also easily transform into a fake spider web depending on the arrangement of the filaments.

In terms of color, if black, orange and white are obviously essential in the imagination of Halloween, we don’t skip green either – to create with natural ingredients like avocado or wasabi, or artificial dyes – which may resemble alien blood, toxic waste, or mutated spiders. In short, there are many ideas to transform a simple aperitif into a monstrous meeting.

The proof in pictures.

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