Ten perfect dips for summer

The nice days are here, the terrace is sunny and you want to take a dip during an aperitif? The dips will be perfect. Fall for these ten dips perfect for summer.

Who said that an aperitif had to be high in calories?

For a summer aperitif, light but original, we opt for dips to spread on nice slices of bread. They are easy and quick to make and above all they please everyone. With vegetables, fish or cream, there is something for everyone. The most beloved of all and the one that always has its place at aperitif time is the famous hummus. To vary the pleasures, this sesame chickpea puree can be revisited with beans, peppers or even peas. The eggplant caviar will be a hit at your large table. To stay on the same theme, how about a Greek tzatziki? A very fresh preparation with cucumber, yogurt and garlic that will please for summer. Creamed peppers, zucchini, or carrots, you can prepare delicious dips as you wish. Green or black olives can be mixed with olive oil and garlic for a delicious tapenade. Finally, we don’t forget the star of all summer aperitifs: guacamole! Make the essential Mexican guacamole using crushed avocado, red onions, tomatoes, lemon and fresh cilantro.

For a light aperitif, go for cheese! Goat cheese, ricotta or even feta, fresh cheese will be your best ally for a light, delicious and fresh dip. Always for a summer aperitif where we want freshness and healthy things on our plates, know that seafood will be your allies. Simply open a can of tuna, smoked mackerel, sardines, or crab crumbs, simply mash with cream cheese or yogurt, season and you’re done.

Vitamin aperitif

In the spreads, we dip raw vegetables such as carrots, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, or celery stalks, as well as breadsticks. A few pieces of toast, blinis, or even chips, they are all ready to be creamily dipped in your dips. Result ? A festive dinner aperitif to share with your guests and a colorful table.

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