5 ideas for enhancing white rice

Rice has a fairly neutral taste, which makes it the ideal accompaniment to many dishes. Easy to cook and inexpensive, it can be eaten in all sauces. Before sublimating it, it is important to cook it successfully. To prevent the rice from sticking, rinse it thoroughly under clean water until it is no longer cloudy. Without starch, the rice grains come apart well and will be both crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth. As a general rule, we put 3 parts of water for 2 parts of rice. Little tip to give flavor to your rice before cooking: throw a cube of chicken or vegetable stock into the cooking water.


The easiest way is to flavor it with spices. You can flavor the cooking water with a cinnamon stick, saffron, cloves, star anise, turmeric or ginger, or add flavor after cooking. You can also combine different spices to obtain delicately fragrant and colorful rice. Quick tip: sprinkle your cooked white rice with curry, paprika, or other spice blends to add a hint of color and flavor.

The sauces

White rice is very easy to prepare. It goes well with all sauces based on coconut milk, tomato sauce or crème fraîche. In India, the latter is present in many sauce dishes. For a creamy seasonal result, opt for a forest sauce made with crème fraîche and mushrooms, or coconut milk and curry. Another sauce enjoyed with white rice, ideal to accompany fish: white butter sauce, composed of shallots, butter and white wine. A classic of French gastronomy. You can also simply add soy sauce, nuoc-mâm or fish sauce. Between Asia with curry sauce, France with white butter sauce and Japan with soy sauce, white rice travels widely.


Add protein like tuna, chicken breast or ground meat which will perfectly complement the white rice. Another very simple recipe: if you add diced turkey breast, scrambled eggs and peas, you will obtain a kind of Cantonese rice. Your guests will love it.

The vegetables

Cut into small cubes any vegetable lying around in your fridge (eggplant, pepper, carrots, squash, etc.), add it to your rice, and stir-fry everything in a pan like a wok. An easy way to get your children to eat vegetables.

The herbs

Please note that fresh aromatic herbs go perfectly with white rice. Transform it instantly and add a little freshness with chives, parsley or chopped cilantro.

What to do with leftover rice?

If you have white rice left from the day before, make a quick mushroom risotto. Brown onions in a pan over medium heat, deglaze with wine (white or red), add your rice, a little broth, cream and mushrooms if you wish. To finish in style, enhance everything with parmesan (without moderation). And if you have risotto left, make arancini for an aperitif. Your leftover white rice can also be used as stuffing if you want to make a dish of vegetarian stuffed tomatoes, or another vegetable depending on the season. Replace the ground meat with rice which absorbs more of the tomato juice and will be soft and juicy in the mouth.

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