6 ideas to enhance a chopped steak

Proper cooking of minced steak

We often use minced steak in stuffings, for a Bolognese sauce, a tagine or a shepherd’s pie. It is also very easy to grill for meat cooked to your tastes. Fans love it for its tender texture, its good beef taste and its ease of preparation. It can be accompanied by pan-fried vegetables, delicious homemade fries or pasta. Above all, the minced steak is first highlighted by cooking. More or less cooked, its taste will not be the same. We advise you not to cook the steak straight out of the refrigerator but rather to let it rest for a few minutes on the work surface before starting to cook. Regarding the fat to use, we recommend adding a little oil and butter so that the butter does not brown too quickly. Opt for olive or grapeseed oil and then add a knob of butter for indulgence. Salt and pepper halfway through cooking or at the end and not before because the salt tends to extract the juice from the meat. If the juice is extracted at the beginning, the meat will be dry at the end of cooking. So that you don’t get tired of the classic minced steak, we offer you 6 ideas to enhance it.

How to enhance minced steak?

With sauces

After grilling your minced steak, you can simply enhance it with a flavorful sauce. Some people simply add ketchup, mustard or pre-made mayonnaise, but nothing beats a homemade sauce! To enhance the taste of the steak, make a brown sauce after cooking using flour, butter and white wine to deglaze and collect the cooking juices from the pan. Homemade mashed potatoes will delicately accommodate the sauce and will accompany the minced steak wonderfully. Another easy sauce to make: the essential béarnaise sauce. Renowned for deliciously accompanying red meat with a fragrant tarragon taste, it can be easily made at home. Another sauce inseparable from meat: pepper sauce. If you want a lighter pepper sauce, replace the flour with cornstarch and eliminate the butter by using low-fat crème fraîche.

With spices

Ground steak lends itself perfectly to spicy recipes. Whether sprinkled at the last moment, added to a sauce or a marinade, spices will enhance your minced steak. For a little oriental touch, you can season your minced steak before cooking with cumin, ginger and chili pepper. It’s hard not to think of Adana, grilled and spicy Turkish meat. Revamp your minced steak by adding chili powder, chopped pepper, parsley, onion and garlic. Another blend of spices to enhance a chopped steak: Cajun and curry. For the record, in Morocco, cumin is like salt. Any grilled meat has the right to be dipped in cumin before being eaten.

With vegetables

To add flavor to the very heart of your minced steak, you can add onions, shallots or garlic. You can also add a little of each, it’s a real winning trio. Onion, garlic or shallot will enhance the flavor of your minced steak, whether it accompanies your vegetables or slips into a burger. The onion will release water during cooking and deeply hydrate the ground steak which will be infused with delicious onion flavor and crunch.

With condiments

To enhance the taste and add a little crunch to your ground steak, add cut gherkins. If you’re a raw foodist, it’s hard not to think of beef tartare. It will be just as good with fresh ground beef, parsley, pickles, ketchup, olive oil, capers, Worcestershire sauce and an egg yolk. Otherwise, make it cooked in a little brown butter.

With protein

While your minced steak is cooking, cook an egg or a slice of bacon in the same pan next to the steak and place it on top of the meat. For those with a sweet tooth, add a slice of cheddar on top which will flow directly onto your ground steak.

Aromatic herbs

Whether fresh or dried, aromatic herbs such as parsley, coriander, tarragon or herbs de provence will add flavor to your minced steak. You can incorporate them into meat, a marinade or chop them on top after cooking.

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