70 original salad ideas

Tasty, crunchy, refreshing and quickly prepared, the original salads have everything to please on sunny days.

Original salad, instructions

What ingredients should you put in your original salad?

What is a salad? Simply a mixture of ingredients between vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, herbs, seeds, or even plant or animal proteins which, together, promise a complete and satisfying dish. If traditional salads continue to seduce crowds like the Caesar salad with chicken, niçoise with olives, caprese with tomato, Greek with cucumber, or even hot goat's cheese, a bistro classic, you can also add a hint of originality in his salad to get off the beaten track. So to surprise the taste buds of our guests, we don't hesitate to add flax seeds, flowers, a soy sauce-based vinaigrette, olive oil infused with herbs, or even strawberries, which, in a salty salad works wonders.

If we want our salad to be as healthy as possible, we think about balancing the intake by keeping in mind the ideal plate composed of 1/3 raw and cooked vegetables or fruits, 1/3 proteins (animal or vegetable). ), and 1/3 carbohydrates (pasta and co). Also be careful with adding cheese, croutons, and other cold meats (hello grilled bacon) which can quickly unbalance the whole thing and make the calorie counter rise, without you even realizing it. But as always, the idea is not to demonize ingredients described as “rich” but to realize that they are, so you can balance your meal by opting for a light dessert if you have consumed a rich and vice versa.

What exactly do we call an original salad?

The idea for adding pep to your salad is not necessarily to choose an expensive ingredient to impress our guests, but rather to focus on combinations of tastes that change. Skate with raspberries, goat cheese with cherries, smoked eggplant with herbs, anything is possible. We can also bet on home-made vegetable pickles to add tanginess to our dish, cut our vegetables into tagliatelle to change the visual, or bet on a monochrome salad using foods around the same color (tomato, strawberry, raspberry, currant). You can also upgrade simple ingredients: by adding chopped nuts around chicken meatballs, by grilling apricots or nectarines to give a new dimension to the fruits, or by using a seasoning that changes from tahini for example. Easy ideas that will be ideal for preparing an ultra-original mixed salad, perfect for a cold meal, to complement a barbecue, or to take on a picnic.

Whether complete, with fish, meat, cheese, light or even vegetarian, focus on these 70 original salad recipes, easy and quick to make throughout the summer.

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