Acacia, lime, chestnut: each honey has its virtues

We may not pay attention to it when buying honey, but every variety of honey counts. There are nearly 300 in the world and each has its own characteristics. What defines one variety from another is the flower (gathered by bees) from which its nectar comes. From this factor, the color and texture vary, and above all, their virtues. To avoid an indefinitely long presentation, we present to you the benefits of the 8 main varieties of honey.

The different honeys and their virtues

Usually, honey is consumed as is, in a bowl of skyr and granola or muesli, or even to prepare a honey sauce. To make the most of the medicinal properties of honey, we prefer to consume it straight from the teaspoon or in an infusion.

Thyme honey, an excellent digestive

Thyme honey has an intense, slightly herbaceous flavor with antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is therefore used in a preventive setting to improve digestion.

Lavender honey, against colds

With a floral flavor, lavender honey soothes and optimizes relaxation. As lavender is known to relieve the sensations of a stuffy nose, this honey is perfect for fighting colds and respiratory problems.

Manuka honey, to treat an infection

In the mouth, the Manuka honey was reminiscent of eucalyptus honey and yet, its origin is completely different: the Manuka tree in New Zealand! In terms of virtues, it has powerful antibacterial and healing properties. It can therefore be used to treat infections and promote healing.

Eucalyptus honey for sore throats

Eucalyptus honey is very common in France. It is recognized by its slightly minty aromas, its acidic, almost caramelized taste, and its very soft texture. Thanks to this property as well as its antiseptic virtues, it would relieve respiratory conditions and therefore coughs and sore throats.

Lemon tree honey, to boost metabolism

Lemon tree honey has a flavor, as its origin indicates, of citrus, which gives it soothing properties through its vitamin C content. It is therefore perfect for reducing energy.

Acacia honey, against constipation

Acacia honey is sweet, without bitterness or acidity. Easy to digest and with its fruity scent, it would be a children's favorite. For people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, acacia honey is ideal.

Linden honey, a soothing

With a flavor that is both delicate and floral, linden honey is used to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. The little extra? This honey is said to relieve headaches and cold symptoms!

Chestnut honey, against migraine

This honey, quite full-bodied and robust in the mouth, is rich in minerals. It is therefore often used to stimulate the immune system, relieve migraines or respiratory problems such as coughs and bronchitis.

When it comes to care, each of these honeys contributes its contribution!

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