Long live summer with the new ELLE à Table

It’s a fact, everyone loves to eat, no matter our age! As Céline Puertas, deputy editor-in-chief of ELLE à table, so aptly writes, “I have the incredible luck of being regularly fed by the greatest chefs (starred or not), but every evening when I come home, a little guy as tall as three apples is waiting to feast for dinner. Because yes, he already has demands when it comes to gastronomy – “dogs don’t make cats” as the saying goes. More accustomed to lemon chicken or beluga lentil dahl than to buttered pasta shells, that evening, the child decided to sulk at his plate. It’s a fact, food journalists are women like any other who often come home late and find themselves lacking inspiration faced with an empty fridge. This is why, while we wait for the world to finally become more egalitarian (including in front of the stove), we have come up with summer recipes in this issue designed for everyday use (with or without a barbecue on hand), but always with an added twist.
Menus full of sunshine, ideas for delicious salads adapted to all desires to simplify your life, even on vacation. This summer, it’s a promise, all the little guys will enjoy themselves, and they won’t be the only ones!

Because in summer, it’s time for relaxation and ease in the kitchen, never without forgetting the taste.

Among the events of this new issue, the pepper is featured in an anthology of recipes between yellow, orange, red and green; seasonal products delight all tribes between melon, apricots, veal or eggplants; ice cream is reinvented; mixed salads always impose themselves as queens of the season; marinades change everything, and rosé brightens up our summer, always in moderation.
The plate takes us to see some beautiful people, from Amandine Chaignot to Trish Deseine, including Raphael Rego, Marie Gricourt, and Omar Dhiab. A detour also through the Luberon, to let Provençal time flow by, around local flavors.

Finally, I invite you to follow me in the kitchen to teach you how to reproduce my whipped praline ice cream step by step with “Les Follies de Marjo”.

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