California pistachio, a complete protein with unsuspected benefits

In the family of oilseed fruits (walnuts, almonds, etc.), I ask for the most complete: the American pistachio! Coming straight from California, Arizona and New Mexico, it ticks many healthy food boxes, starting with its protein quality highlighted by a study by the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, United States. Indeed, its nine essential amino acids allow it to be considered a complete protein of plant origin in the same way as quinoa, chickpeas and soy. One serving contains as much protein as an egg! Whether raw or roasted, American pistachio is higher quality than grains, seeds and most legumes like beans and peas. And it’s the only one that can be eaten raw, anywhere!


Among the amino acids that compose it, the most present are leucine – essential for protein synthesis – and arginine – known to strengthen the immune system, contribute to fat loss and increase muscle mass. A source of copper, fiber, vitamin B6, phosphorus and thiamine, it is as rich in antioxidants as red fruits and has a strong satiating power. Studies show that consuming 49 pistachios (or 28 grams of pistachios per day) helps maintain an ideal weight. An excellent “healthy” ingredient, then! A recipe idea for summer? Tagliatelle with lemon and arugula sprinkled with American pistachios, previously peeled and then grilled in a pan or in the oven, without salt or fat. Whether raw or grilled, we consume them without moderation in salads, cold soups, desserts and of course, as an ultra-healthy snack at any time of the day. Exit the chips, make way for American pistachios!

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