Does maple syrup expire?

Maple syrup, this Canadian specialty and star of pancakes, is ideal for replacing sugar in recipes. In cakes with pecans… a marvel! We love it and count it among the kitchen essentials. If the packaging of maple syrup often indicates 2 years before the best before date (best before date), does this mean that it never expires? Be careful, since the state of maple syrup can quickly turn vinegary… Here's how to store it in good condition, and know if it's still edible, even after a year.

Are shelf life products permanent?

While some products have expiration dates, others have “Best before date” (best before date). In this case, products that have passed this date are not expired. They may simply be less tasty. However, no food escapes the vagaries of time! For maple syrup and as a precaution, it is still recommended to monitor its condition.

To properly store maple syrup: clean the neck

Maple syrup generally keeps for one to two years. However, once opened and if it is regularly used, consume it within 6 months of first opening. The essential point not to neglect in terms of conservation is to clean the end of the bottle after each use. Otherwise, sugar residue in the syrup will accumulate, creating a space between the neck of the bottle and the cork. In this scenario, air infiltrates the syrup, which encourages the growth of mold. Then keep it in a cool, dark place like the cupboard. The aim is to protect it as best as possible from sunlight, which risks altering the quality of the syrup, in particular by causing the sugar to crystallize.

As a reminder, however, once opened, keep the maple syrup in the refrigerator.

The appearance of whitish dandruff: sugar or mold?

Have you ever seen white streaks in maple syrup appear overnight? Two possibilities are available to you: either they are simple sugar crystals formed naturally over changes in ambient temperatures, or the syrup is spoiled. In the event of crystallization, don't worry, you can heat the maple syrup in a bain-marie, this will dissolve the crystals.

On the other hand, to be sure that it is indeed crystallization and not mold, check the smell and appearance of the syrup. If one of the two seems suspicious to you, in particular the appearance of unusual deposits, the syrup is probably unfit for consumption. In this case, throw it away.

How do you know if maple syrup is still good?

To know if maple syrup is still good, three criteria must be observed: appearance, smell and taste. A good maple syrup has a uniform color, slightly translucent and a smooth texture. As for the smell, it should be sweet, almost woody. Unless the syrup tastes sour or rancid, then it is a good syrup. Note that the lighter the syrup, the more woody flavors it will have. If, on the contrary, its production gives it a dark color, its aroma will be more caramelized.

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