Epiphany: The most beautiful king cakes 2024

Celebrated on January 6, 2024, Epiphany is a holiday that has several meanings and origins. And it must be celebrated around an iconic dessert. Presentation of the best galettes des rois 2023.

The Christian Epiphany

Of Christian origin, Epiphany is a festival which celebrates the appearance of Jesus Christ to the three wise men. But this date of January 6 also coincides with the end of the winter solstice period – the longest night of the year, December 22, 2023 – and this day at the same time celebrates the lengthening of the days. Whatever the symbolism we give it, this gourmet event is an opportunity to gather around a dessert of kings to start the year under the best auspices.

Plurality of delicacies

If the galette des rois reigns queen over France, it has not conquered the entire territory. Indeed, the South-East still resists the hegemony of frangipane. On the menu: the puffy and soft brioche des rois, largely decorated with candied fruit, stands up to the classic galette des rois made from puff pastry.

The galette des rois, the Epiphany dessert par excellence

When we think of Epiphany, we immediately associate the galette des rois with this celebration. Whether you prepare it with homemade frangipane or buy it from a pastry chef, it is one of those traditional desserts that keeps the tradition alive. Made with almond cream, frangipane, or even fruit compote, it always appeals.

And no pastry chef would miss this opportunity to delight gourmets! Focus on the most beautiful galettes des rois 2024 from pastry chefs, for an Epiphany that will go down in history.

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